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Huel needs food?

Huel, a nutritionally complete powder which provides at least 100% of the government’s recommended daily intake, has launched in the UK. Promising to make health-conscious Britons’ lives more convenient by “removing the need to eat food” the powder is made from protein, carbohydrates and fats combined with a specific vitamin blend and enables a whole […]

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Bulldog Skincare scrubs up well with oats and olives

Bulldog Skincare for Men has launched Original Face Scrub combining oat kernel, olive seeds, shea butter and a blend of eight essential oils. Designed to deliver an effortlessly effective exfoliating experience using olive stone granules to gently remove dead and dry skin, promoting new skin cells growth, and oats which have softening, soothing and calming […]

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Oatly hit by legal action from Swedish dairy producers

Independent oat drink brand Oatly is being sued by the Swedish Dairy Association for, among other things, making milk seem “unmodern”. The brand has just launched its own video channel showing a series of short films featuring Oatly’s founder and CEO Toni Peterson (pictured). In one film, Peterson is shown standing in a field of oats playing […]

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Allergy groups delighted at Alpro decision to drop ‘may contain’ labelling

Allergy groups have welcomed an announcement by Alpro that it will start removing ‘may contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts’ labelling from its products. The move follows a U-turn by the company on a decision to merge production of nut-based drinks with its soya, rice and oat products. The company started applying ‘may contain’ labelling on […]

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Power of Red Cereal Pot & Spoon 65g

On-the-go breakfasts from Of The Earth

The newest additions to Of The Earth Superfoods’ offer are instant cereal pots combining 50% organic superfoods and 50% organic oats. The on-the-go superfood pots are gluten-, nut- and dairy-free, and are available in three varieties. Power of Red Superfoods combines Peruvian lucuma and raw coconut with baobab powder, beetroot powder, goji berries and strawberries […]

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