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Natrue adopts IFOAM definition of organic

Natrue has updated its labelling criteria to address the challenge of what qualifies a raw material to be considered as ‘organic’. Natrue has now adopted the IFOAM technical definition of what constitutes an accepted organic standard and its label criteria is therefore defining organic raw materials as those being certified by a duly recognized certification […]

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julia zaltzman

Certifiably organic

Walk into any department store in Europe and you’ll find yourself assaulted on all fronts by a dizzying array of cosmetic counters, a thick fog of chemically enhanced fragrance and over-zealous, commission-paid reps wearing painted-on Cheshire cat grins. It’s enough to make you feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and wound up in […]

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Honesty more important than natural ingredients?

The Future of Beauty report by Evolve Beauty, which conducted a survey of 336 women between 20-55 years old, found that trust rated higher than natural ingredients when it came to purchasing beauty products. When asked to imagine a future beauty company, the top criteria were honesty, truthfulness and transparency, which surprisingly came even before […]

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