A spot of bother

With conventional ‘solutions’ often exacerbating teenage skin conditions, Jane Wolfe finds out how young people can benefit from embarking on a natural journey Adolescents have enough to contend with, given the physical and psychological changes brought on by puberty, as well as the increasing pressure to ‘fit in’ with their peers due to the picture […]

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Sales & Training Representative (Northern England) – OptiBac Probiotics

Wren Laboratories is a forward thinking, family-run business based near Andover, Hampshire, which is currently looking to expand its well respected sales team. It produces a range of supplements called ‘OptiBac Probiotics’, which are sold to health food stores and pharmacies across the UK & Ireland. We are committed to growing the business through education, […]

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Danish team find “no evidence” that probiotics benefit healthy adults

  A team of Danish researchers who reviewed several trials on probiotic supplements say they found “no convincing evidence” that the products changed the composition of faecal bacteria in healthy adults. Oluf Pedersen, who led the research at the University of Copenhagen, said: “While there is some evidence from previous reviews that probiotic interventions may […]

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ombar bars 1

New raw bars from Ombar

Ombar has introduced a range of nine chocolate bars made using raw, organic Ecuadorian cacao and unrefined coconut sugar. The offer comprises 90% Raw Cacao; 72% Raw Cacao; Coco Mylk; Goji Berry, made using freeze-dried goji berry powder and whole gojis for a bittersweet flavour; Coconut 60%; Lemon & Green Tea, described as a daring […]

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Infantis Montage

Bio-Kult launches infant health campaign

Bio-Kult has launched a campaign to raise awareness of how probiotics and vitamin D can boost immunity from the very earliest stage of a baby’s life. The From Birth and Beyond initiative features the character of infant health expert Lenny the Lamb and incorporates educational marketing material for independent retailers including posters, shelf edgers and […]

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Protexin gets the thumbs up from staff

Probiotics International Ltd (Protexin), which manufactures the probiotic ranges Bio-Kult and Lepicol, has been voted as a ‘Best Company’ to work for in 2015 by Best Companies. “To once again be awarded with an accreditation confirming we are a great company to work for is evidence of how our employee’s value being part of a […]

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Probiotic/vitamin C combo keeps kids fit for school

In a trial sponsored by Cultech and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers have concluded that daily supplementation with vitamin C plus probiotics can reduce the incidence of flu as well as missed school days. The pilot study investigated the efficacy of a probiotic combination, Lab4, in conjunction with vitamin C on […]

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Raw power from Amazing Grass

New to the Amazing Grass organic green food range comes Raw Reserve Berry, a new flavour combination of berries, probiotics and raw superfood greens to help support healthy immune and digestive systems. “Amazing Grass fans are incredibly passionate about nutrition, and we’ve long wanted to create a new way for them to enjoy the superfood […]

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Use of term ‘probiotics’ amounts to health claim, ASA tells advertiser

Probiotics International Ltd, owner of the Bio-Kult brand, has been told by the Advertising Standards Authority that it must not in future use the term ‘probiotics’ in its adverting. The ASA ruling comes after a complainant challenged whether instances on the Bio-Kult website where products were described as containing “probiotic bacteria”,  “probiotic strains” or a […]

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