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New Health claims laws may benefit organic

The EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (NHCR) may end up benefiting the organic sector, the Soil Association has suggested. The organic charity’s trade arm has just announced a comprehensive set of ASA-cleared statements than can be used when selling organic food. The new EU health claims regime severely limits the opportunities for food firms […]

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Upbeat Soil Association says new ASA-cleared claims are breakthrough for organic

The Soil Association yesterday (19 September) unveiled a comprehensive set of evidence-based statements about the benefits of organic food and farming. The statements are contained in a new report – What You Can Say When You Are Selling Organic Food – from the organic charity and have all been cleared with the Advertising Standards Authority’s […]

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Whole industry gets behind Organic September

Support for this year’s Organic September is coming from the full width of the organic sector – from independent retailers to supermarket chains, farmers and growers to the biggest food brands, health and beauty companies – says organiser, the Soil Association. The campaign theme for this year’s month-long celebration of all things organic – Small […]

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Top restaurant chains still giving children a raw deal

Britain’s leading restaurant and pub chains are still giving children across the UK a raw deal claims a new report from the Soil Association and Organix. The report shows that children’s menus are dominated by the ‘usual suspects ‘ – nuggets, burgers and sausages – and that few fruit or vegetables are on offer. Only […]

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Soil Association hits out at beauty brand “greenwashing”

The Soil Association’s policy director Peter Melchett has hit out at “greenwashing” claims made by some natural beauty brands. In a talk at the Organic & Natural Beauty Show (3 June), he highlighted a number of harmful chemicals found in beauty products labelled as ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ or ‘nature inspired’. Melchett said that ingredients often […]

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Organix and Soil Association call on restaurants to offer ‘real food’ to children

Leading organic baby food brand Organix and the Soil Association have launched the ‘Out to Lunch’ campaign to encourage restaurants to improve food choices offered to children. Organix MD Anna Rosier commented: “Going to restaurants is a regular part of children’s lives and the industry has a role to play when it comes to educating […]

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Strong UK organic presence set for Malmö show

There will a strong UK organic industry presence at the second edition of Natural Products Scandinavia, the leading natural and organic trade show serving the Nordic region. Much of the additional interest from UK organic firms centres on the launch of the Nordic Organic Food Fair, which runs alongside Natural Products Scandinavia in Malmö on […]

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Small Changes, Big Difference for Organic September

The Soil Association is asking organic brands and retailers to start sharing their ideas for this year’s Organic September. Now in its fifteenth year, this month-long celebration of all things organic gets a new theme and a brand new look for 2013. Explaining the thinking behind the ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’ strapline for this year’s […]

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Can independents lead organic back into growth?

The latest Organic Market Report confirms that the sector faces challenges but also reveals signs of revival – and offers the prospect that independents could lead organic back to growth. The latest Soil Association Organic Market Report shows that total organic sales in the UK fell by 1.5% to £1.64 billion in 2012. Set alongside […]

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Industry challenges researcher’s ‘organic isn’t healthier’ conclusion

A review of research into the nutritional benefits of organic foods compared to conventional has shown that organic “confers no significant health benefit”, reports The New York Times, The Times the BBC and others. But organic advocates say that the researcher’s “medicalised” approach to the subject drowned out real differences between organic and conventional. (more…)

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