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Brexit government urged to seize opportunity to put public good at the heart of food policy

Over 80 organisations have signed a letter to Theresa May and the Brexit minister David Davis to stress the important implications of the EU referendum result on food and farming. The 80 signatory organisations – the Soil Association, the OTB, Sustain and Traidcraft among them – say that since many of the UK’s food and […]

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“We’re not the right body to run fair trade milk scheme” – Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation says it is “not necessarily the right organisation” to set up and run a fair trade milk scheme. Against a backdrop of plummeting farm gate prices and tales of dairy farmers being driven out of business because of below-cost-of-production payments they receive for their milk from the big supermarkets, calls for a […]

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Fair trade milk label needed to end supermarket “cultural cleansing by price”

The founder of the Sustainable Food Trust, Patrick Holden, is calling for a fair trade milk label to end the “cultural cleansing by price” that supermarkets have wreaked on British dairy farmers. In a blog piece the former Soil Association director says he now regrets not pushing the Fairtrade Foundation harder 10 years ago, when […]

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