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  • Industry News

    NPE: ‘The window to the future’

     April 18, 2019  Rosie Greenaway

    Dubbed ‘The window to the future’ by independent retailer John McKee – director of Hanover Health Foods – Natural & Organic Products Europe has announced a 3% rise in attendance figures for 2019, with an attendance of 10,298 over the two-day show at ExCeL.

  • Guest Comment

    Harvard’s take on how to slow climate control

       Dominika Piasecka

    The UK can slow the climate clock by converting animal farmland to forest and still grow enough protein, Harvard research shows. The Vegan Society’s Dominika Piasecka explains finding of the university’s latest study

  • Industry News

    Infinity Foods issues statement on plastics

     April 12, 2019  Jane Wolfe

    Sussex-based co-op Infinity Foods has released a statement around its stance on plastic packaging to offer a detailed answer to the question it is frequently asked: why is its own label range not packed in biodegradable or compostable material?

  • Company News

    Wessanen €885MN buyout bid offers ‘longer-term horizon and stability’

       Jane Wolfe

    On Wednesday (10 April) Wessanen announced a conditional agreement on a recommended all-cash public offer by a consortium of PAI Partners SAS and Charles Jobson of  €11.50 per issued and outstanding share of the healthy food company.

  • Company News

    BetterYou launches environmental enterprise

     April 11, 2019  Jane Wolfe

    Natural health brand BetterYou has unveiled its Better Planet Project – an initiative through which the brand is seeking to reduce its environmental footprint and reliance on non-sustainable resources.

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