Bentley Organic adds Natural House to growing portfolio

Leeds-based Bentley Organic has bought organic household products brand Natural House, as part of a diversification strategy to broaden the Bentley consumer offer.

Bentley believes that adding Natural House to its portfolio will not only add width to its range, but also strengthen its offer in target markets such as the USA and South East Asia.

Both Bentley Organic and Natural House hold Soil Association Certification, underlining its reputation as a manufacturer of completely organic products.

In the home market, meanwhile, there will be more competitive pricing and marketing support to the consumer to grow the brand’s strength in retail.

The new brand will be called, Natural House by Bentley Organic, and will incorporate Bentley’s existing household products range to differentiate from its personal care brand.

Natural House, which was established in Nottingham in 2005, had previously retailed its products in the UK including Waitrose supermarket, as well as in various niche markets throughout the EU. Under Bentley ownership, the Natural House range will be supported by ‘major developments” in product formulation and gain from more competitive pricing.  Bentley Organic is certified to BSEN1276, which demonstrates that its organic household products effectively kill germs and bacteria without the use of man-made chemicals.

Commenting on the acquisition,Jamie Bentley, founder of Bentley Organic, said: “Natural House from Bentley Organic will offer consumers a real alternative to non-organic mass market cleaning products at the right price point and with a proven track record in killing germs, and without causing environmental damage.

“Natural House is recognised for genuine innovation and strong organic ethics, but its pricing was too high for mass appeal. With the re-launch, the brand will now be attractive to retailer and consumer alike