Bio-Health adds to additive-free herbal range

Bio-Health is adding to its strikingly packaged range of licensed herbal medicines.

The company, which manufactures at its own licensed factory in Kent, will have five THR products as of 1 May, with a further three to follow. Additionally it has 11 herbal medicines with full MAs and 25 herbal food supplements.

The new additive-free range uses striking block colours which give strong shelf presence but also “signify a positive future for Herbal medicines, with clear, bright colours, claims and trade marked titles”, says Bio-Health’s marketing director June Crisp.

Crisp added: “Producing single herbal THRs is not an easy task but we believe strongly that there is a place for additive free supplements in the Healthcare business as more and more consumers understand the benefits of food purity.

“From all the Herbs we have marketed over many years we have chosen the commercially sound ones to take through registration. Valerian, Sage, St.John’s Wort, Agnus castus, Echinacea and Milk Thistle, as our best selling products were chosen first.”

Bio-Health says it took the long view on herbal legislation and committed itself to preparing for licensed manufacturing as soon as the THMP became law in 2004. Crisp explained: “We feel now that herbal medicine has earned legitimacy it should emerge, as from the seed to bloom and take its place in modern healthcare where it truly belongs and will blossom. We have worked for many years to reach the day when herbal medicine would be taken for seriously, and so we welcome May 1st 2011 as that day.