MOMO Kombucha Collaborate with Natoora to Launch Watermelon Kombucha

Great Taste Award winning kombucha brand MOMO Kombucha has collaborated with Natoora, to launch a new Watermelon Kombucha, available from MOMO, Natoora, Gail’s Bakery, Selfridges, Planet Organic and Whole Foods Market throughout the summer.

MOMO’s unfiltered kombucha blends perfectly with Sentinel Watermelon, resulting in a burst of sweet, fruity flavour perfectly balanced by the classic zingy tones of Kombucha. The Sentinel Watermelon is grown by Oscar Zerbinati, in Mantua, Northern Italy, an area renowned for its melon growing; the Zerbinati family is one of the most celebrated growers in the region. The watermelons are grown slowly, reaching up to 18kg, Oscar grows one melon per plant to ensure the plant puts all its energy into the one fruit. Zerbinati’s Watermelon is rich, with juicy, sweet flesh making the kombucha ideal for summer sipping; reach for this one at a picnic, BBQ, or after a long, hot tube journey.

Founder of MOMO Kombucha, Josh Puddle says of the collaboration, “We are so grateful to have partnered with Natoora and to have been able to combine Zerbinati’s expertly grown watermelons with our kombucha.”

“We’re also happy to be supporting Natoora’s Farm Fund through this partnership, a fantastic organisation supporting young farmers committed to agroecological methods.”

Natoora is committed to revolutionising the supply of fruit and vegetables to shape the future of food for the better. Their goal is to create a more meaningful and responsible food system that preserves seed varieties, growing techniques and flavours that are threatened by modern industrial farming and supermarket culture.

MOMO Kombucha