Ueshima’s iced coffee debuts for summer

Discover coffee on the go, from the people who invented it

60 years after creating the world’s first canned coffee, Ueshima Coffee Company has launched two brand new delicious to-go coffees in the UK for the first time, arriving just in time to fuel your summer; say hello to Ueshima’s Iced Latte and Iced Matcha Latte.

Crafted the Japanese way for incredible flavour, Ueshima’s innovation and craftsmanship remains at the forefront of each can. Both drinks have less than 90 calories per can, are low in sugar, and have been made with premium quality ingredients by the experts, or should we say, the Guinness World Record holders for producing the longest-selling ready to drink canned coffee…

It all started when Tadao Ueshima was drinking a coffee at a train station, but after a couple of sips he had to leave it behind to catch his train. He spent the next year determined to create a high-quality coffee to enjoy on the go and in 1969 he brought the world’s first canned coffee to the Japanese market. Now, Ueshima Coffee Company brings their innovation to the UK to enjoy.


Whether it’s a hectic work schedule, a busy line up of festivals or al fresco lunches that you’ve planned for the summer, canned iced lattes are essential for fueling up on those hotter days without any hassle. Balanced and refreshing, Ueshima’s Iced Latte is made to perfection and will provide a delicious boost of energy to help you on your summer escapades. | 75 calories, 10g sugar


Ueshima’s Iced Matcha Latte is just what you need to accompany you on your summer plans, especially picnics in the park on those sunny afternoons. Whether you’re a matcha fanatic or simply dipping your toes in those gorgeous green waters, this light and sweet Iced Matcha Latte makes for a delightful summer sip. | 86 calories, 11g sugar

Ueshima Coffee Company