Zao Multipurpose Pencils


Zao has updated its pencils range with a new formula, new look and new shades, creating a new PEFC-certified range of Multipurpose pencils for lips, eyes and brows. Refining the formula to meet BIO COSMOS standards, the new pencil range is now 61-65% organic. The pencils are made from PEFC-certified Californian Cedar wood to guarantee that the wood is sourced from sustainable forest management practices; more information is available at The pencils’ shade range has been updated to feature on-trend ultra-pigmented shades, differentiating the best-selling brown shade to create 3 brown shades to suit all, a darkest brown, mid brown and light brown. Zao has added 6 brand new shades to the range, including lip pencil Rosewood Pink and Red Ochre, whilst adding a new eyeliner pencil to makes eyes pop in a flattering nude shade for use in inner eyes. The look of the pencils has now been updated to feature white lids, to fit in with current branding.

The pencils use nourishing key ingredients of organic coconut, jojoba and avocado oils to facilitate a softer texture that glides onto skin with ease for a precise finish. Coconut oil features anti-bacterial properties along with antioxidant vitamins A and E to nourish and repair skin. Its high fatty acid content, namely lauric and linoleic acids, provide nourishment and repair. Jojoba oil regulates sebum and soothes sensitive skin whilst creating a barrier against pathogens. Avocado oil serves to soften and nourish skin, as well as promoting collagen with its antioxidant-rich qualities. Vegan, Cruelty Free and 100% natural, the pencils are suitable for the most sensitive skin, contact lens wearers and are safe for inner eye use. Priced competitively for retail at £9.75, the pencil range is a staple of any makeup brand.

Company: Zao Essence of Nature UK Ltd

Tel No: 0345 619 0999