Here we bring you the thoughts of the natural and organic products industry’s leading commentators and opinion formers.

Making coffee accessible to everyone

Speciality coffee was once the preserve of the coffee geeks and hipsters. These days all operators are trying to ensure their coffee is good.

Let’s act now to prevent a Brexit catastrophe for the organic...

The organic sector faces a dichotomy in the wake of Brexit. Roger Kerr explains why we must act now to prevent a catastrophe for organic. 

Best of British

Yeo Valley is the British organic industry’s biggest success story. Tim Meads has been running the businesses since 1990 and tells Michael Wale why...

Nordic thriller

 The Nordic Food Lab fuses the finest gastronomic traditions with cutting edge science to thrilling effect, writes Craig Sams You have to hand it to the...

Beauty face-off

Just five months into the year, and Google already has a clear front-runner when it comes to the most searched beauty trend of 2017: masking.

Raising the bar

Chocolatier James Hull talks to Jane Wolfe about how the award-winning Hassocks-based brand J.Cocoa grew out of his passion for the bean and desire...

How influencer marketing can change the face of the industry

Who is the person who has influenced you the most, if you had to answer, hands down, without thinking? No, do not cheat. Answer right now, out loud. 

The Green Chemist’s Handbook

Barbara Olioso introduces The Green Chemist’s Handbook for Cosmetic Preservation, bridging green values with safe and performing cosmetics.

No gain without grain?

Is it time we stopped blaming all grains and acknowledge that they have been part of humanity’s evolution for the last million years? asks Patrick Holford.

The Vegan Society responds to Patrick Holford’s column with a letter...

The Vegan Society respond to Patrick Holford's column 'The dangers of a vegan diet' with a letter to the editor.

Why food and drink suppliers benefit from being transparent with the...

More so now than ever before, consumers are interested in what goes into the food and drink they consume.

Brexit beauty: a fork in the road

With retailers stealing themselves for a cliff-edge Brexit on 31 December, what could this mean for the natural beauty industry?

How food producers can reduce food miles and support UK farming

Dominie Fearn, founder of sustainable food producer the Wild Hare Group, looks at the impact of the recent EU Smartchain project.

No place to hide

The internet is the most powerful tool for transparency ever invented. There literally is no place to hide for the perpetrators of food scandals,...

Organic beauty retailing – the future is multi-channel

The Soil Association’s Organic Market Report 2015, published in March, revealed that online shopping at independent retailers boosted the organic health and beauty sector by 20% in the last year, making it one of the strongest channels for growth.

Setting the record straight on soya

You hear a lot of scare stories about soya, which is a shame because it’s a valuable source of nutrition, particularly if you avoid animal products like meat and dairy. Soya-based foods can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and may even provide some health benefits.

Packaging waste or food waste?

Dr Heather Daniell, founder of Satisfied Snacks, asks if advances in sustainable packaging can offer plastic-free alternatives which reduce food waste. 

Sustainable packaging for a natural beauty industry

Cosmetics products come in all shapes and sizes. The industry is expansive and with each and every product comes packaging.

The First (tea) Lady

Born through an off-chance meeting in London, Hampstead Tea is an ethical tea company which aims to offer ‘great taste with peace of mind.

The good earth

In the New Year the Soil Association is to get a rebrand. The most visible change will be the organic charity's new logo, which...