Here we bring you the thoughts of the natural and organic products industry’s leading commentators and opinion formers.

Legalise Nutrition

Let's seize on Brexit as an opportunity to legalise good nutrition and outlaw bad food, says Patrick Holford.

Natural & Organic Products Europe: our top five trends

Five top trends observed at Natural & Organic Products Europe, brought to you by Brand Organic. 

Meeting the challenges of vegan food production

James Sopwith argues that unless manufacturers engage with the right experts, the rise of veganism may be stunted by failure to meet demand.

Strengthening the chain

After plenty of research, a lot of consultation and a few rounds of editing, October saw the launch of our Organic Supply Chain Report – a consensus gathered from industry on the challenges and opportunities currently presented in the organic sector.

Plugging into the conversation

If you have an appetite for podcasts and you're immersed in the world of natural beauty, you're bound to have come across Green Beauty Conversations ...

What does it actually mean to detox?

Here, nutritional therapist Katie Clare takes a look at the often controversial subject of detoxification.

Why real change is best served up on a plate

At the back end of last year the former director of the Soil Association, Patrick Holden, undertook a coast to coast tour of the...

2018 – or the year policymakers got serious about plastic waste

With 2018 already behind us, we can now say with some certainty that it was the year of plastic, or to be more precise, of the anti- plastic momentum.

Ten ways to stay healthy during self-isolation

NPN hears from the HMFA’s expert advisor and clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer on her top ten ways to stay in rude health during lockdown.

Building on firm foundations

Diane Millis speaks to the chair of the Gluten Free Industry Association, Simon Wright, to find out what it hopes to achieve.

Mintel spots beauty trends at NPE

Calling Natural & Organic Products Europe 'an established innovation hub for health, food, beauty, wellness and sustainable living', Mintel's beauty innovation coverage manager Irina Ene has published the following trends report on Mintel blog:

Why I became certified organic

Beth Coldrick, founder of BAO Skincare, explains why she become certified organic and shares the challenges and triumphs of that journey.

Harmony in food and farming

The groundbreaking Harmony in Food and Farming Conference explained why a sustainable food culture sits naturally at the heart of an inspiring philosophy for harmonious living, says Craig Sams

75 years of The Vegan Society: a snapshot of vegan health...

On 1 November The Vegan Society celebrates World Vegan Day and its 75th anniversary – what a great opportunity to take stock of vegan health and nutrition.

Patrick Holden — Natural Products Outstanding Achievement Award winner

Patrick Holden, the Soil Association director, was named the winner of the 2010 Natural Products Outstanding Achievement Award at last week’s Natural & Organic...

Beware of cluttered thinking on store layout!

I’m not sure which consumer behavior experts were being referenced in your May editorial who concluded that “the messier and more confusing a shop...

Gove pushed on organic commitment at thriving ‘real farming’ event

Delegates at last week’s Oxford Real Farming Conference pushed the Environment Secretary Michael Gove to give a clear commitment to organic, writes Michael Wale.

Learning how to cope with an international pandemic

Resisting a strong urge to bury my head in a hole for the last six weeks, it’s been amazing to see the positive changes people are making in their lives.

All round view

Cheryl Thallon, founder of Viridian Nutrition, speaks to Diane Millis about the changes in the natural products industry over the past 21 years.

Healthy eating and veganism – where do we compromise?

Scrolling through beautifully arranged Instagram meals or flicking through the latest colourful plant-based cookery book, you might think veganism is another food trend or the latest fad diet. In fact, it is a lifestyle choice with animal rights at its core and it encompasses avoiding many other ways in which animals are used, such as in testing (makeup and beauty products), for clothing (leather and wool) or entertainment (zoos and circuses).