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Five tips on adjusting to life after lockdown

As restrictions are eased many will be eager to return to old routines. But adjusting to life after lockdown might not be as easy as it sounds, says Sawyer.

How food producers can reduce food miles and support UK farming

Dominie Fearn, founder of sustainable food producer the Wild Hare Group, looks at the impact of the recent EU Smartchain project.

How to regenerate organic – privatize it

How can we free organic from its self-imposed bureaucratic box? We could always ask Brussels to privatize us, says Craig Sams

Spreading the (chocolate) love

In 2016, inspired by his great-great-great grandfather – the founder of Cadbury chocolate, which was subject to a hostile takeover in 2010 – James Cadbury started the organic chocolate company Love Cocoa. Here, Jane Wolfe talks to him about how the ethical beliefs of his family have influenced his brand

Making coffee accessible to everyone

Speciality coffee was once the preserve of the coffee geeks and hipsters. These days all operators are trying to ensure their coffee is good.

Let’s act now to prevent a Brexit catastrophe for the organic...

The organic sector faces a dichotomy in the wake of Brexit. Roger Kerr explains why we must act now to prevent a catastrophe for organic. 

The Big Interview: Hilary Leam, Holland & Barrett

The Big Interview: Hilary Leam, group innovation director at Holland & Barrett, tells Rosie Greenaway where she’s placing her bets in 2020

Signed, sealed and jiggered?

In her opening speech at last week’s Biofach exhibition and Congress, IFOAM president Katherine DiMatteo commented that organic’s future success lay “not with standards...


Didn’t I have a lovely time the day I went to The Beauty Exchange?! It was great for a number of reasons, but mainly...

Post-Brexit food supply challenges: a pragmatic approach is needed

Whether the UK and EU achieve a Brexit agreement or fail to agree and move instead to World Trade Organization rules, there will still be changes to which the food industry must adapt.

How influencer marketing can change the face of the industry

Who is the person who has influenced you the most, if you had to answer, hands down, without thinking? No, do not cheat. Answer right now, out loud. 

The Green Chemist’s Handbook

Barbara Olioso introduces The Green Chemist’s Handbook for Cosmetic Preservation, bridging green values with safe and performing cosmetics.

Say it Loud, I’m Blob and I’m Proud

Oh, dearie me. In a bitter article in the Sunday Telegraph just a few days after Cameron sacked him as Environment Minister, Owen Paterson...

Cocoa shock

Last night, I crossed to the dark side. I unwittingly bit into a bar of chocolate that was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A bar of Green & Black’s new Velvet Edition; its first product that is neither Fairtrade certified, nor organic.

Meat substitutes: a vegan dietitian’s perspective

As demand for plant-based products rockets, people are taking an interest in meatless meals. Meat substitutes seem like an obvious choice to many consumers. However, this term encompasses a wide range of foods with various pros and cons.

Brexit beauty: a fork in the road

With retailers stealing themselves for a cliff-edge Brexit on 31 December, what could this mean for the natural beauty industry?

Punk health hits the right note for China’s youth

It has been a challenging time for retailers, but China has proved to be a lifeline for many British brands during the pandemic.

No gain without grain?

Is it time we stopped blaming all grains and acknowledge that they have been part of humanity’s evolution for the last million years? asks Patrick Holford.

Thread of green

In April, Natural & Organic Products Europe hosted an eagerly anticipated session with Michael Wale in conversation with activist and MP Zac Goldsmith, in...

Packaging waste or food waste?

Dr Heather Daniell, founder of Satisfied Snacks, asks if advances in sustainable packaging can offer plastic-free alternatives which reduce food waste.