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  • Peak Focus
    Health & Nutrition

    Peak Focus from Viridian

     July 10, 2020  Jane Wolfe

    New from Viridian Nutrition is Peak Focus, a new natural supplement to support optimal concentration at a time when more people than ever work from home.

  • Natural Beauty

    Nominations open for Who’s Who in Natural Beauty 2020

     July 9, 2020  Dominic Roberjot

    The Who’s Who in Natural Beauty is our annual list of the Top 25 personalities helping to move the natural beauty industry forward.

  • Industry News

    The COVID-19 masks threatening the lives of whales

     July 8, 2020  Rosie Greenaway

    Billions of masks and gloves are ending up in the sea during the pandemic, says Ocean Conservancy, warning we’re heading for a surge in ocean pollution.

  • News

    OTB welcomes new general manager

     July 7, 2020  Rosie Greenaway

    Last month saw the appointment of Cristina Dimetto as the OTB’s new general manager, who joins ahead of this year’s Organic September campaign.

  • Food and Drink

    Urgent wake up call to Government to ‘fix the failings of food’

     July 6, 2020  Rosie Greenaway

    The Select Committee on Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment has published a report questioning the affordability of the recommended healthy diet.

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Rosie Greenaway

A note from the editor: You’re not alone. NPN editor Rosie Greenaway shares her thoughts on the rapidly changing situation the world now faces during the coronavirus pandemic.

lee holdstock

An area that I will be watching with interest going forward is the space where food and technology meet. Whether it is farmers investing in drones, the ever-growing market share held by online and app grocery shopping, or organic’s booming presence on social media, digital is set to become an increasingly powerful tool in raising awareness and trust for UK organic.

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