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Amisa Organic Multi Seeded Oat Bread Mix

Our Gluten Free Multi Seeded Oat Bread Mix is brimming with organic seeds and oats, and is 100% wheat free. This seriously seedy, high...

Biona Organic Oat Drink

Creamy, organic oat drink in a glass bottle from Biona. This vegan milk alternative is made with just 4 simple ingredients: water, gluten free...

Bonsan Organic Cookie Melts

Vegan cookies with epic squige-factor. These small but mighty mouthfuls are absolutely vegan, raw, gluten free and refined sugar free. No funny business –...

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Five minutes with The Good Kind Grocery

Matt Chittock meets The Good Kind Grocery and finds out why opening a vegan store during a health crisis has been a positive experience.

Maybelline teams with TerraCycle for UK make-up recycling scheme

Global cosmetics brand Maybelline New York has embarked upon the UK’s biggest make-up recycling scheme to date, in collaboration with TerraCycle. Specialist in-store recycling bins...

Small Giants innovates in savoury snacks

Small Giants has launched a range of crisps made with cricket flour and designed to open people’s ‘eyes' to insect-based snacking’.

J.R. Liggett’s launches shampoo bars in UK

Zero waste US brand J.R. Liggett’s has entered the UK market with its vegan hand-made shampoo bars made with 100% natural ingredients.

New loyalty initiative from Better Food encourages customers to put planet first

Bristol-based Better Food has introduced a new loyalty scheme which rewards customers for reducing packaging waste every time they shop.


Viva la vulva!

Jane Wolfe finds out that natural self-care brands are taking on the challenge to educate and change attitudes towards intimate health

An apple a day

The market for apple cider vinegar products has exploded in recent years. Jo Caird finds out why What if, instead of eating the forbidden fruit, Eve had taken two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) diluted in Garden of Eden...

Playgrounds and pandemics

As parents prepare to drop their children off at the school gates after a prolonged period of homeschooling, nerves will run high over kids’ wellbeing.

Nature has the answer

As we continue to face COVID-19 challenges, organic is enjoying growth. Emily McCoy hears why the Organic September campaign says nature has the answer.

Sustainability: stemming the tide

Recent pressure from the plastics industry to delay single-use plastic bans amid questions of safety during COVID-19 may signal a dangerous backslide, but Jane Wolfe discovers the natural and organic sector isn’t about to stop innovating when it comes...

Know the drill

Discovering everything from ‘naked gum’ to toothpaste tabs, Dominique Ayling cuts her teeth in the natural oral care market.

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