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    Iceland’s banned TV ad launches on YouTube

     November 14, 2018  Jane Wolfe

    Iceland’s Christmas advert, which failed to secure advertising regulatory approval to air on TV, has now been launched online, and a petition to get it broadcast has gained over 880,195 signatures. Iceland says that this year rather than creating a ‘commercial, product-led’ Christmas advert it wanted to highlight the impact on orangutans of rainforest […]

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    Optimizing health: six reasons to promote plant foods

     November 13, 2018  Heather Russell

    From a health perspective, there are good reasons to throw moderation out of the window and eat plenty of minimally processed plant foods.

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    30 under 30 initiative returns for 2019

       Rosie Greenaway

    Following its inaugural run in 2018, NPN’s 30 under 30 initiative returns for 2019, with nominations now open to the industry.

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    Soil Association praises curb on antibiotic use

     November 8, 2018  Rosie Greenaway

    The Soil Association has praised the European Parliament’s decision to back a curb on the use of antibiotics on farm animals.

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    Running to the beet

     November 7, 2018  Ross Harris

    The supplements fuelling the UK’s fastest runners are changing. Paul Halford jumps into the sports nutrition scene to see how natural products are helping to shave seconds off marathon times, and how the retail landscape is shifting

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Julia Zaltzman

With such a list of dedicated, pioneering beauty brands, it’s unsurprising that once again, the Nordic countries have come out on top in 2017 as being the happiest countries in the world.

lee holdstock

An area that I will be watching with interest going forward is the space where food and technology meet. Whether it is farmers investing in drones, the ever-growing market share held by online and app grocery shopping, or organic’s booming presence on social media, digital is set to become an increasingly powerful tool in raising awareness and trust for UK organic.


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