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Exclusive In-Store Immune Support Bundle

For a limited time only, your customers can benefit from a FREE Vitamin D3 + K2 Sublingual Spray™ when they purchase our CureC™...

Ultra Extra Pads Super

The same trusted organic and natural period care – with a brand-new look! For thirty years, Natracare has been the number one choice for...


Our name comes from the Latin word “Ver”. It means “true”. VerMints are True Mints. They are honest. They are clean. They are truly the...

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Tideford announces major growth drive

Tideford Organics has announced its biggest ever marketing investment of £1 million as it aims to become a £15 million brand by 2023.

News in brief

Whole Earth has rolled out its ‘One Jar, Endless Possibilities’ campaign with its first VOD campaign across ITV Player, All4 and Sky.

Tisserand Aromatherapy generates a World of Wellbeing

Tisserand Aromatherapy's World of Wellbeing is an online hub where consumers can access sleep advice, calming rituals, tips to boost mood.

By Frankie launches with sensory soap line

Start-up By Frankie has launched with a range of soap rounds made using natural butters, botanical infusions and essential oils to help nourish frequently...

ESSNA sports nutrition guide released to stop ‘spread of misinformation’

ESSNA has released a guide about the types of sports nutrition people should consume before, during and after exercise.


Viva la vulva!

Jane Wolfe finds out that natural self-care brands are taking on the challenge to educate and change attitudes towards intimate health

An apple a day

The market for apple cider vinegar products has exploded in recent years. Jo Caird finds out why What if, instead of eating the forbidden fruit, Eve had taken two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) diluted in Garden of Eden...

Playgrounds and pandemics

As parents prepare to drop their children off at the school gates after a prolonged period of homeschooling, nerves will run high over kids’ wellbeing.

Nature has the answer

As we continue to face COVID-19 challenges, organic is enjoying growth. Emily McCoy hears why the Organic September campaign says nature has the answer.

Sustainability: stemming the tide

Recent pressure from the plastics industry to delay single-use plastic bans amid questions of safety during COVID-19 may signal a dangerous backslide, but Jane Wolfe discovers the natural and organic sector isn’t about to stop innovating when it comes...

Know the drill

Discovering everything from ‘naked gum’ to toothpaste tabs, Dominique Ayling cuts her teeth in the natural oral care market.

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