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    How eco living B2B companies can create a brand voice people connect with

     May 22, 2020  - -

    The eco living industry has grown steadily in recent years. It’s simply harder now for companies to deny the deleterious effects of their actions.

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    Learning how to cope with an international pandemic

     May 21, 2020  Emily McCoy

    Resisting a strong urge to bury my head in a hole for the last six weeks, it’s been amazing to see the positive changes people are making in their lives.

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    Ten ways to stay healthy during self-isolation

     April 30, 2020  - -

    NPN hears from the HMFA’s expert advisor and clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer on her top ten ways to stay in rude health during lockdown.

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    Carrying on during coronavirus

     April 16, 2020  - -

    NPN takes a virtual tour of Friendly Soap’s production unit to see how the brand is overcoming the obstacles of producing soap during coronavirus lockdown.

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    Adapting to change

     April 2, 2020  Sharna Waid

    When faced with hardship, change and difficulty, humanity has a way of pulling together, and showing strength in the face of adversity.



Ethical consumers?

We are demanding more from our shops, our purchases and the ways that our day-to-day items are produced. Transparency is the buzzword of the year and brands are responding with new labels, ethical commitments and claims from organic to vegan. But which ones to choose? And who can we trust?

May 30, 2019 Continue Reading

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