Guest Comment

Hello from a honey family

My family have been commercial beekeepers for 100 years. It all started with my great-grandfather who received beehives in payment for a job.

Are we in a crisis? Or is it just a predicament?...

Editorially freed from the shackles of Brexit, Tom Campbell-Smart explores the multiple crises facing the industry and the wider public.

Why Norfolk and Suffolk are key to plant-based innovation

The truth is if you’re in the food industry, you’re in the health industry. We have a responsibility to consider what we're feeding people.

The Australian natural products on their way to UK shores

Austrade shares a range of new Australian natural food and drink products which will soon be available to the UK market.

Trends in nutricosmetics: dietary sunscreen

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month; with a million skin cancer cases found annually it’s time to apply a holistic approach to sun protection.

Menopause is the new vegan

Heather Jackson, co-founder of GenM, pens her thoughts on menopause and the market opportunity it represents.

Looking to become B Corp certified?

In celebration of B Corp Month Lloyd Atkin, MD of Bio-D, shares his insights into the process of securing B Corp status.

Ancient grains bring modern appeal

Ancient grains are the latest ingredients to top modern eating trends, says ingredient importer EHL Ingredients.

The benefits of biotech beauty

Beauty has always been resilient to economic downturns. During the Great Depression, cosmetics held stable as 25% of America was unemployed.

Eight romantic organic wines for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can viewed as kitschy but behind the cards and flowers this day is simply a celebration of love, writes Neil Palmer.

Three Australian health foods that are going global

Austrade details three key trends in Australia’s health food sector that are finding success globally, and are bound for the UK & Ireland. 

Invasion of Ukraine highlights why sustainable agriculture is more resilient

Organic farmer Rob Appleby reflects on the impact of the Ukraine crisis on food, explaining why sustainable solutions will fare better.

What CBD brands can learn from the protein supplements sector

CBD is big business: the market's worth £300 million annually. But CBD firms are operating with one hand tied behind their backs.

The rise of vegan fashion

In the last few years, innovations in the vegan food and drink industry have made headlines, but veganism is about far more than what we eat.

Back to bar: a sustainable future for personal care

This November, dignitaries from around the world are heading to Glasgow for COP26 to agree on a sustainable way forward for the world.

Punk health hits the right note for China’s youth

It has been a challenging time for retailers, but China has proved to be a lifeline for many British brands during the pandemic.

How food producers can reduce food miles and support UK farming

Dominie Fearn, founder of sustainable food producer the Wild Hare Group, looks at the impact of the recent EU Smartchain project.

Breaking up with plastic

How do you feel when your only option is to buy single-use plastic? If we’re honest, most of us find it impossible to avoid.

The future of the vitamins, minerals and supplements category

Adrian Whitefoord looks at how the psychological impact of COVID-19 has helped drive growth in the VMS category.

Food miles and a sustainable diet

Zoe Oates, director of The Honest Bean Co., discusses food miles in the context of sustainable food choices.