Here we bring you the thoughts of the natural and organic products industry’s leading commentators and opinion formers.

An afternoon with Antipodes

Rosie Greenaway sits with Antipodes founder Elizabeth Barbalich on the Kinetic stand at Natural & Organic Products Europe to discuss Manuka honey, online marketplaces,...

The future of the vitamins, minerals and supplements category

Adrian Whitefoord looks at how the psychological impact of COVID-19 has helped drive growth in the VMS category.

Beware of cluttered thinking on store layout!

I’m not sure which consumer behavior experts were being referenced in your May editorial who concluded that “the messier and more confusing a shop...

The Vegan Society responds to Patrick Holford’s column with a letter...

The Vegan Society respond to Patrick Holford's column 'The dangers of a vegan diet' with a letter to the editor.

Innovate to accumulate

It’s not often that I champion a single brand to be taken up by independents – it’s not really what us journalists with integrity do – but on this occasion, I’m willing to break my rule.

Certifiably organic

Walk into any department store in Europe and you’ll find yourself assaulted on all fronts by a dizzying array of cosmetic counters, a thick...

Vitamin D and the important role it can play in fighting...

The vital role of vitamin D during the pandemic has been widely reported. Here, I cut through the noise and bring you everything you need to know.

Let’s get the message out – organic is different

Organic September is just days away – hopefully to be marked by spectacular organic marketing materials and customers flocking to your stores.

Anti-organic, moi?

I felt almost nostalgic seeing John Krebs having a go at organic on last week’s IQ2US debate in New York (see story). It was...

Brexit or remain: what does it mean for the health industry?

Nelsons’ director of regulatory affairs Steve Mann looks at the possible outcomes of the EU Referendum and what they may mean for the health industry.

Keep calm and slow down

Once a year, around the month of November, great minds from the natural beauty sector assemble at Diversified Communications HQ in Brighton to attend the Natural Beauty Roundtable.

Regulatory threats … and opportunities

“Next week”, announced the dulcet-toned Charlotte Green, “Radio 4 will broadcast the first in a two part-series in which Lord Gus O'Donnell makes a...

Indigo Herbs: empowering the people

Based in Glastonbury, Indigo Herbs began as the brainchild of Steve McKewon in his garden office back in 2004. Mckewon spotted a gap in the market when he was searching for unusual natural health ingredients for himself and his family online.

These bio fools are killing us

Bio-fuel subsidies cost the US taxpayer $6 billion – for an end product that uses 70% more energy from fossil fuels to produce than...

The dangers of a vegan diet

Sometimes it’s hard to be a vegan. There are three key nutrients a vegan diet struggles to provide enough of: vitamin B12, vitamin D and omega-3 fats.

The Green Chemist’s Handbook

Barbara Olioso introduces The Green Chemist’s Handbook for Cosmetic Preservation, bridging green values with safe and performing cosmetics.

Pop up and listen

In my July Beauty Buzz column Organic beauty retailing – the future is multi-channel I wrote about how high street fashion retailer H&M had become the latest store to relaunch its beauty collection, which included a subsidiary-conscious range of Ecocert-approved sustainable products.

This. Is. Wrong

Organic has taken a bit of a battering this year . UK sales seem to be down in many sectors: TNS reckon -14% year-on-year....

Good health begins with food

Craig Sams invites us to reflect on the achievements of Dr Scott Williamson and Dr Innes Pearce, who set up the Pioneer Health Centre in an effort to steer both individuals, and society as a whole, towards better health.

Healthy food trend predictions for 2020

Lydia Baines, digital and communications manager for ingredient business Puratos UK, sets out six food trend predictions for 2020