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How eco living B2B companies can create a brand voice people...

The eco living industry has grown steadily in recent years. It’s simply harder now for companies to deny the deleterious effects of their actions.

Mind the gap

John Silvestro has some tips on how to show your customers how premium can be affordable.

Winning the cold war

Despite the anti-vitamin propaganda, vitamin C actually works – depending on the dose. That’s the conclusion of the most recent and most thorough review published this year by Professor Harri Hemila from the University of Helsinki, including a clear exposé of the flaws that were used to falsely discredit vitamin C.

Carrying on during coronavirus

NPN takes a virtual tour of Friendly Soap's production unit to see how the brand is overcoming the obstacles of producing soap during coronavirus lockdown.

Plugging into the conversation

If you have an appetite for podcasts and you're immersed in the world of natural beauty, you're bound to have come across Green Beauty Conversations ...

A beauty-tuned ear to the ground

April has become the month when emerging trends and new product developments come to the fore for natural and organic retailers, as well as the sector overall, and this is due in no small part to the Natural Beauty & Spa show.

Organic tidings we bring

So here we are, approaching the end of 2017. And, although we are not quite there, I’m already reflecting on what has been a very exciting year for the organic sector.

Why organic reforms may already have been overtaken by events

Efforts to reform the organic industry may already have been overtaken by events, says Simon Wright.

Healthy eating and veganism – where do we compromise?

Scrolling through beautifully arranged Instagram meals or flicking through the latest colourful plant-based cookery book, you might think veganism is another food trend or the latest fad diet. In fact, it is a lifestyle choice with animal rights at its core and it encompasses avoiding many other ways in which animals are used, such as in testing (makeup and beauty products), for clothing (leather and wool) or entertainment (zoos and circuses).

Field leader

The Organic Herb Trading Company has been at the cutting-edge of the organic herbal ingredients sector for three decades. Here, Natural Products talks with...

To what extent will Brexit’s impact on the NHS affect health...

The impact of Brexit on the NHS has been a topic of debate since the controversial claim that it would free up £350 million a week to be spent on the NHS was plastered in large letters on the side of a bus hired by the Leave Campaign in the run-up to the EU referendum in 2016. Over the summer, Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled plans to increase, through a Brexit dividend, the NHS budget by an average of 3.4% a year by 2023 – hinting that the bus pledge was to be honoured.

The biggest metric mistake? – you do the maths

Sales revenue, margin, profit, customers per day, average sales value etcetera are all standard metrics in identifying how well your business is doing. There are however metric aspects which businesses can get completely wrong resulting in poor decisions.

Food, drink and wellness trends for 2021

Tenna Annette, co-founder and raw food expert at Purearth, discusses food, drink and wellness trends for 2021.

Goodbye to all that?

To delist, or not to delist, that was the question being asked earlier this week at the Ex-Factor Seminar at Natural & Organic Products...

Fighting for the future

In the weeks before Clearspring celebrated its 25th birthday, Christopher Dawson, Maria Dawson and Zoe West sat with Rosie Greenaway and reflected on where it all began, why it all began and how the brand’s products represent the future of food

Veganism needs legal protection for equal society – and this case...

Earlier this year, The Guardian broke the story of the legal dispute between the animal rights charity League Against Cruel Sports and a vegan, Jordi Casamitjana, who claims to have been unfairly dismissed for pointing out that the charity’s pension fund invests in firms involved in animal experimentation.

Natural & Organic Products Europe: our top five trends

Five top trends observed at Natural & Organic Products Europe, brought to you by Brand Organic. 

Give yourselves a sporting chance this summer!

Robert Taylor – vice president at Vitabiotics and HFMA Council member – urges health food retailers to make the most of the opportunity presented...

Food miles and a sustainable diet

Zoe Oates, director of The Honest Bean Co., discusses food miles in the context of sustainable food choices.

Fermented hopes

If you don’t have an uber-dewy complexion and you’re not working your ‘bitten lip’ look every day, then you clearly haven’t got your K-Beauty...