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Pop up and listen

In my July Beauty Buzz column Organic beauty retailing – the future is multi-channel I wrote about how high street fashion retailer H&M had become the latest store to relaunch its beauty collection, which included a subsidiary-conscious range of Ecocert-approved sustainable products.

As the lockdown lifts, let’s look to a more sustainable future

Is it possible to build a greener and more sustainable future? Yes, says Carole Bamford, founder of Daylesford, but it all starts with our soil.

Great Social Media Myths

My discussions with lots of business owners about social media mainly fall into two groups. The first group say they don’t use social media in...

Retail revolution

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, even the January sales have started appearing before we’ve sung the New Year in. Loud price slashing has always been most retailers’ preferred way of engaging with consumers, and once our interest is piqued we’re further enticed with BOGOFs, three-for-two deals and any other money-saving offer that can be dreamed up. It’s a war zone where a war of attrition is being played out to the bitter end.

Are we nearly there yet?

As this latest installment of my Beauty Buzz column goes to press, we are putting away the chairs  and closing the door on yet another hugely successful Round Table discussion hosted by the Natural Beauty Yearbook and Natural Products News magazine.

Organic and Green? It’s our bling.

Residents of Tunbridge Wells are usually acutely aware of their ‘disgusted of’ reputation. We live each day as a national joke (yes, I speak...

These bio fools are killing us

Bio-fuel subsidies cost the US taxpayer $6 billion – for an end product that uses 70% more energy from fossil fuels to produce than...

The Vegan Society responds to Patrick Holford’s column with a letter...

The Vegan Society respond to Patrick Holford's column 'The dangers of a vegan diet' with a letter to the editor.

Stepping up or sitting back: making a pledge to the black...

Tracy Durrant, business coach, comments on the importance of considering a Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity policy for your busisness.

Repetition is key

Keep it clear. Keep it transparent. And no, I’m not just referring to your well-cared-for complexion! That’s the mantra this September when the Soil Association embarks on yet another emboldened Organic Beauty Week, focused this year on the theme, Campaign for Clarity.

Give yourselves a sporting chance this summer!

Robert Taylor – vice president at Vitabiotics and HFMA Council member – urges health food retailers to make the most of the opportunity presented...

Fairtrade for all

Research has demonstrated that green tea is packed with beauty benefits that consumers can attain by drinking it as well as by applying it directly onto their our skin, which is great news for all you natural beauty retailers looking for a nifty way to tap in to next month’s Fairtrade Fortnight.

Learning how to cope with an international pandemic

Resisting a strong urge to bury my head in a hole for the last six weeks, it’s been amazing to see the positive changes people are making in their lives.


A couple of young women pitched up at our place recently. We fed them, gave them a twin-bed room and they worked for us for six hours every day, mostly weeding and cutting back brambles on the edge of the orchard. If they had to pay for a B&B it would cost them £700 a week at this time of year so they’re earning, for a 30-hour week, nearly £10 an hour.

Setting the record straight on soya

You hear a lot of scare stories about soya, which is a shame because it’s a valuable source of nutrition, particularly if you avoid animal products like meat and dairy. Soya-based foods can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and may even provide some health benefits.

Calling for better vegan options on trains and planes

Eating out as a vegan is no longer a time-consuming, difficult challenge it once was – food options have become so much better, particularly over the last few years. It’s hard to believe those who have been vegan for decades used to carry around their own little carton of soya milk, just to be in with a chance of a decent cup of tea

A feast for the face

It’s nearly always a Monday morning when you find yourself in front of the mirror being greeted by the most unwelcome of sights —...

Can technology be the making of community retailing?

Several health store owners I spoke with at last month’s Natural & Organic Products Europe told me that footfall had been significantly down over...

The future is meat less

People everywhere are reducing meat consumption. Craig Sams argues that organic farmers are well placed to adjust to the coming low-meat scenario My late great...

Harvard’s take on how to slow climate control

The UK can slow the climate clock by converting animal farmland to forest and still grow enough protein, Harvard research shows. The Vegan Society’s Dominika Piasecka explains finding of the university’s latest study