Here we bring you the thoughts of the natural and organic products industry’s leading commentators and opinion formers.

How to make a difference: 25 years of Fairtrade

Emily McCoy looks back on 25 years of the Fairtrade Foundaiton and highlights how the famous marque can make a difference.

Time to break the prescription drug addiction cycle

Craig Sams offers an alternative perspective on the culture of prescription drug addiction, saying a natural solution could be more effective in treating depression.

Packaging waste or food waste?

Dr Heather Daniell, founder of Satisfied Snacks, asks if advances in sustainable packaging can offer plastic-free alternatives which reduce food waste. 

Legalise Nutrition

Let's seize on Brexit as an opportunity to legalise good nutrition and outlaw bad food, says Patrick Holford.

Plant-strong nutrition: how vegan diets can fuel active lifestyles

This month, you might hear a lot of chatter about plant-based athletes due to the release of a documentary called The Game Changers.

Nordic thriller

 The Nordic Food Lab fuses the finest gastronomic traditions with cutting edge science to thrilling effect, writes Craig Sams You have to hand it to the...

Setting a course for the future of organic

Over the past few months the Soil Association’s new director, Helen Browning, has been consulting widely on how best to take both the organisation...

Harmony in food and farming

The groundbreaking Harmony in Food and Farming Conference explained why a sustainable food culture sits naturally at the heart of an inspiring philosophy for harmonious living, says Craig Sams

Serious about sustainability, having fun along the way

Dr Julia Wright reports from the recent Biofach event on why organic organisations make good partners for those serious about sustainability. As mainstream agriculture in...

Making coffee accessible to everyone

Speciality coffee was once the preserve of the coffee geeks and hipsters. These days all operators are trying to ensure their coffee is good.

Will Ye No Come Back Again

You have four different types of customer and it is vitally important to understand the differences. In my seminars across the UK and abroad I repeatedly stress this key business principle using an animal analogy. The four types of customer are butterflies, loyal hounds, ‘dumb asses’ and blind bats.

If you are testing for vitamin D, don’t forget the calcium!

You name it, vitamin D now appears to fix it! Everything from osteoporosis through to psoriasis and even depression would benefit from a dose...

Hardy ‘millennials’?

Forget the Baby Boomers and Generation X (oh, and the Echo Boomers and Generation Y). Here come the ‘millennials'. And just in case you’re thinking,...

Organic beauty retailing – the future is multi-channel

The Soil Association’s Organic Market Report 2015, published in March, revealed that online shopping at independent retailers boosted the organic health and beauty sector by 20% in the last year, making it one of the strongest channels for growth.

Integrity at the core

Honesty is the best policy, or at least that’s what my mother always taught me. It’s kept me in good stead throughout my life, but now it seems this age-old mantra is fast becoming the next wave of corporate policy in a bid to support sustainable product growth. A recent article in The Guardian stated: “With consumers, investors and employees increasingly interested in companies’ social and environmental performance, transparency is becoming a corporate necessity.”

Responsible capitalism: a manifesto

Following his acceptance of the Award for Responsible Capitalism, Riverford Organic founder Guy Singh-Watson explains why receiving the award gave him mixed feelings.

How well-meaning businesses can avoid the greenwashing scourge

Plastics in the sea, straws, billions of unrecyclable coffee cups: 2018 has been the year of environmental sustainability … or at least that’s how it seems.

The buzz on a growing trend: bee products and their benefits

Bees play a crucial role in our daily lives by pollinating a third of all we eat as well as grasses that cows and other animals eat; without bees our world wouldn’t be nearly as pretty, as they pollinate flowers, plants and trees as well. We can also thank bees for the unique and healthful substances they produce.

Best of British

Yeo Valley is the British organic industry’s biggest success story. Tim Meads has been running the businesses since 1990 and tells Michael Wale why...

Beauty face-off

Just five months into the year, and Google already has a clear front-runner when it comes to the most searched beauty trend of 2017: masking.