Here we bring you the thoughts of the natural and organic products industry’s leading commentators and opinion formers.

Back to the earth

The philosopher Mary Midgley has written extensively about what modern thinkers can learn from Nature. She also suggests that we can all learn from...

Brexit beauty: a fork in the road

With retailers stealing themselves for a cliff-edge Brexit on 31 December, what could this mean for the natural beauty industry?

75 years of The Vegan Society: a snapshot of vegan health...

On 1 November The Vegan Society celebrates World Vegan Day and its 75th anniversary – what a great opportunity to take stock of vegan health and nutrition.

Ecovia Intelligence announces 2019 trend predictions

Specialist research company Ecovia Intelligence has released its trend predictions for 2019, stating that the year ahead is expected to be 'an important one for the sustainable food industry'.

Meeting the challenges of vegan food production

James Sopwith argues that unless manufacturers engage with the right experts, the rise of veganism may be stunted by failure to meet demand.

A glimpse into organic pasta production in Italy

Jimmy Nelson, marketing officer at Essential Trading, tours La Terra e il Cielo’s manufacturing site to mark the pasta brand’s 40th year.

Field leader

The Organic Herb Trading Company has been at the cutting-edge of the organic herbal ingredients sector for three decades. Here, Natural Products talks with...

Three cheers for ethical mob rule

We used to fear mob rule. But if the ‘mob’ is all nice people who you’d be happy to introduce to your mother, well,...

Let’s get down to details

When the big four supermarkets pulled swathes of organic lines from their shelves in the early stages of the 2008 recession they set in...

Can I get my NHS no-claims bonus?

Isn’t it amazing that the ‘hippy diet’ the authorities once warned would corrupt a generation is now officially endorsed by the medical establishment, says...

Letter to the editor

In a letter to the editor, John Brear, national sales director at Bio-Nature, takes a moment to share his thoughts on his friend and colleague Diane Suddell, who passed away on 25 July. 

GM – Dream or nightmare?

The American people are going to be very, very angry when the truth about GM food finally comes out, writes Craig Sams When Mark Lynas...

There is a new crowd on the scene

They are hip, happening and there isn’t a tree hugger in sight – actually if it looks good on Instagram there might be. They’ve been...

Let’s get the message out – organic is different

Organic September is just days away – hopefully to be marked by spectacular organic marketing materials and customers flocking to your stores.

Festishistic? No, just enjoying food and having fun

You Aren’t What You Eat takes pot shots at fetishistic ‘foodists’ while eulogising genetic engineeringists. Craig Sams can only despair at its author’s warped...

Where clean meets conscious

H&B invites Rosie Greenaway to discover the revamped Birmingham Bullring concept store, an Aladdin’s cave of beauty where clean meets conscious.

How influencer marketing can change the face of the industry

Who is the person who has influenced you the most, if you had to answer, hands down, without thinking? No, do not cheat. Answer right now, out loud. 

What’s wrong with wheat?

The ‘convention’ is that wholegrains should be a major part of our diet and that a small fraction of people, one in 3,000, are...

The Big Interview: Hilary Leam, Holland & Barrett

The Big Interview: Hilary Leam, group innovation director at Holland & Barrett, tells Rosie Greenaway where she’s placing her bets in 2020

Raising the bar

Chocolatier James Hull talks to Jane Wolfe about how the award-winning Hassocks-based brand J.Cocoa grew out of his passion for the bean and desire...