Biona brings fresh products to its organic offer


Biona has released a raft of new organic products into the market, including ready-meals and meat-free alternatives.

Biona’s Organic Soya Bolognese Sauce & Tofu Bolognese Sauce is produced using organic sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, with no added cane sugar, and aims to add rich flavour and plant-based protein to any pasta dish; the brand’s Organic Chilli con Quinoa has been created to provide a quick and easy option for a plant-based meal with a combination of kidney beans and quinoa in a rich tomato sauce.

And for more healthy food in minutes, Biona Organic Jackfruit Meals are available in three flavours: Chilli Lime, Yellow Thai Curry & Sweet and Smoky. With a flaky texture, these meals can be heated and served with rice or noodles for a quick and easy organic meal.

Banana Blossom is the latest addition to Biona’s range of organic meat-free alternatives and is, says the brand, set to be the next ‘vegan food star’. Similar to jackfruit, it has a neutral flavour with a flaky texture making it great for creating vegan fish and chips when flavoured with dill and seaweed. This versatile, fibrous and nutritious fruit is a great vehicle for flavours and can also be added to curries, stir fries and salads.

Biona has also introduced two new Sauerkraut flavours: Golden Turmeric and Ruby Beetroot. Combining fresh turmeric and ginger, Biona Golden sauerkraut adds a subtle savoury kick to any dish, from veggie burgers and sandwiches to the classic topping for hotdogs. Biona Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut mixes freshly shredded organic cabbage and beetroot for a distinctive earthy taste that adds a burst of fresh flavour to grilled vegetables and pulses.

And the latest store cupboard essential from Biona is Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce. Perfect for creating nutritious meals in a hurry, this twist on the classic baked beans is bursting with sun-ripened Italian tomatoes and seasoned with fresh herbs.

Biona Organic Golden Coconut milk combines the brand’s classic coconut milk with the gentle warmth of turmeric. Perfect, says the brand, for adding directly into curries or dahls, or to add an exotic dairy-free twist to hot drinks.

Finally for a sweet final, Organic Fizzy Peaches are free from gelatine, gluten and artificial colours or flavours. The tangy jelly sweets offer a delicious alternative and are flavoured with real fruit juices and coloured with fruit and plant.