Here we bring you the thoughts of the natural and organic products industry’s leading commentators and opinion formers.

The rise of vegan fashion

In the last few years, innovations in the vegan food and drink industry have made headlines, but veganism is about far more than what we eat.

Back to bar: a sustainable future for personal care

This November, dignitaries from around the world are heading to Glasgow for COP26 to agree on a sustainable way forward for the world.

Punk health hits the right note for China’s youth

It has been a challenging time for retailers, but China has proved to be a lifeline for many British brands during the pandemic.

Sustainability before self-interest

Jayn Sterland, chair of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC), talks about her ambitions to design a new blueprint for beauty.

How food producers can reduce food miles and support UK farming

Dominie Fearn, founder of sustainable food producer the Wild Hare Group, looks at the impact of the recent EU Smartchain project.

Breaking up with plastic

How do you feel when your only option is to buy single-use plastic? If we’re honest, most of us find it impossible to avoid.

The future of the vitamins, minerals and supplements category

Adrian Whitefoord looks at how the psychological impact of COVID-19 has helped drive growth in the VMS category.

Food miles and a sustainable diet

Zoe Oates, director of The Honest Bean Co., discusses food miles in the context of sustainable food choices.

The Green Chemist’s Handbook

Barbara Olioso introduces The Green Chemist’s Handbook for Cosmetic Preservation, bridging green values with safe and performing cosmetics.

How The Vegan Society volunteer scheme thrived during COVID

Kaya Gromocki, volunteering and engagement officer, The Vegan Society, explains how remote working opened up a new pool of volunteers.

Product spotlight: skincare

Kinetic presents new launches from all-natural beauty brand Balade en Provence which will ‘transport you to the fields of southern France’

CBD brands can’t trade on curiosity forever

CBD brands should prioritize building trust over following trends, argues Natalie Redford, creative strategist for branding agency Robot Food. 

Product spotlight: hair care

JASON, distributed by Kinetic, unveils new and improved hair care formulas with clinical testing - Alex Barani comments

Product spotlight: immunity

Alexander Barani, MD of Kinetic, is a natural beauty expert with over 15 years’ experience. Here he unveils his top immunity products.

100 days of African sunshine

Rob Fletcher, founder of Dr Trouble, explains why every business should care about ethical production in the food industry.

Out of darkness there is light

When I was asked to write this Beauty Buzz, I re-read my activist-hailing column of last January with more than a wry smile.

Food, drink and wellness trends for 2021

Tenna Annette, co-founder and raw food expert at Purearth, discusses food, drink and wellness trends for 2021.

A vaccine on its way – where now for vitamin D...

With the news that a COVID-19 vaccine might be available as soon as December, where does that leave research into the effects of vitamin D?

Sustainable packaging for a natural beauty industry

Cosmetics products come in all shapes and sizes. The industry is expansive and with each and every product comes packaging.

Let’s act now to prevent a Brexit catastrophe for the organic...

The organic sector faces a dichotomy in the wake of Brexit. Roger Kerr explains why we must act now to prevent a catastrophe for organic.