The latest features from the pages of Natural Products News – the leading trade magazine for the natural and organic products industry.

A natural beginning

From the BFG to the concept of foodclusivity, Rosie Greenaway takes a ‘whizz-popping’ tour of what’s trending in natural parent.

Cognitive challenge

Never have our brains been so under the cosh than since the advent of the pandemic. Anxiety, depression, despondency, decreased cognitive function and plain...

Nutritional superstars

The lowdown on superfoods: already a popular shelf-filler, the category is gaining extra attention from post-pandemic consumers

All the gear

Becci Vallis swims through the active lifestyle sector, from positive trends driving NPD to the trends generating health warnings.

Running on empty

Jim Manson introduces ‘uncertainty fatigue’ and paints a picture of how the ambiguity of the pandemic has left weary Brits running on empty.

Cabinet reshuffle

The bathroom cabinet provides plenty of scope for natural products which nourish, soothe and inspire – even among everyday essentials.

Solid superheroes

Rosie Greenaway catalogues some of the latest solid beauty superhero products which have come to market and caught her eye.

Male delivery

Jane Wolfe discovers how the male skincare sector is progressing and how the younger generation is starting to change the rules of the game

Pandemic pains

Plan B encouraged us to work from home, but ditching the ergonomic chair took a toll on the nation’s joint health, Sharna Waid reports 

Drinks that do more

Sipping her way through Dry January, Rosie Greenaway explores what’s on the menu in the world of functional drinks 

Easter edge

With Christmas but a distant memory, the next festive feature on the calendar is Easter, so now’s the right time to spring into action

Eyeing up the options

If you thought you’d seen it all in terms of COVID-19 think again – the latest area to be impacted is eye health, Rosie Greenaway reports. 

Anxiety attack

While lockdown is over for many, some people are experiencing a very personal type of lockdown, reports Kate Miller.

Rise and shine

A full English may not spring to mind when contemplating a nutritious cooked breakfast but Jane Wolfe highlights NPD for healthier versions.

Plant-based profusion

With celebs investing in vegan brands, certified launches rising and availability improving, the plant-based sector has never looked healthie

Get your Christmas stock-in!

A well-planned festive promotion will help you end the year on a high, writes Jim Manson, ahead of Christmas

The ‘health triangle’ of winter wellness

Jo Caird runs through the A-Z of how to support your customers in achieving optimal winter wellness this year

The brilliance of honeybees

Rosie Greenaway gets a taste of the bee products market and discovers a few sweet surprises along the way.

Slimline tonic

There’s a new dawn beckoning in the slimming and detox category, writes Denise Barrett; harsher regimes are giving way to a balanced approach

Going beyond green

As insiders shift their focus from green beauty to blue beauty, Rosie Greenaway takes a dive into this mysterious sub-section of beauty.