Ecotone has announced it has become the world’s highest scoring global food business in its B Corp recertification, with 116.5 points.

The average score for B Corp assessments is 50.9 with a certification minimum of 80, says the company, whose latest score surpassed its previous 91.7 score achieved in 2019.

The company, whose brands include Alter Eco, Clipper Teas and Whole Earth, says the recertification is a testament to its ‘devotion to transforming the food industry, which is widely recognized as one of the leading causes of biodiversity loss and climate change’.

The B Corp recertification coincides with the release of Ecotone’s latest Food for Biodiversity sustainability report and action plan which highlights how changes in food choices can reduce environmental impact through ‘two strong and simple pillars: organic and plant-based’.

At Ecotone, we are dedicated to challenging the conventional and standardized food system

The report outlines the progress Ecotone has made on its Food for Biodiversity mission, across all areas of its operations, including a reduction in carbon emissions, advanced agri-chain practices and diversifying ingredients, including experimenting with ancient grains.

Food for Biodiversity also sets out Ecotone’s future plans, with key targets including: reaching a 90% organic portfolio by 2030; having a third of strategic raw materials sourced from agri-chains fostering biodiversity; making over 95% of its turnover plant-based; having 100% renewable electricity in offices and production sites by 2025; reducing Scope 1,2,3 emissions by a further 16.6%; and moving to 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging by 2025.

“This is a pivotal time for us to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change,” explains CEO Christophe Barnouin (pictured). “At Ecotone, we are dedicated to challenging the conventional and standardized food system. We focus on organic and vegetarian food; we know pesticide-free and plant-based is an everyday proven contribution to biodiversity protection. Our purpose is to help move the industry towards a reimagined global model that will benefit human health, wellbeing and the restoration of vulnerable eco-systems. We are proud of our achievements to date, but we still have more to do. We will continue to collaborate closely with our stakeholders, customers, partners, and policy makers to take urgent and impactful action now.”