Plant-based meat brand Heura has partnered with food influencers BOSH! (Ian Theasby and Henry Firth) to launch its Chorizo Burger – a ‘red-hot marriage between a versatile burger patty and the bold, Mediterranean flavour of chorizo’.

The Chorizo Burger is described as ‘endlessly adaptable’ and can be served as it is, broken up into smaller chunks to provide ‘flavour bombs’ within other dishes, reshaped into meatballs, kebabs and sliders, or sauteed as a base for ragouts and casseroles.

Marking the brand’s first product launch onto Ocado, the burger will be exclusive to the online retailer for six months.

“Bringing healthy, delicious and affordable plant-based foods to the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer shows that we can remove animals from the food chain with no compromise in choice,” explains food activist and Heura co-founder, Marc Coloma. “Ocado has a progressive customer base, with quality and taste at their hearts – the perfect match for our nutritious, delicious and versatile Chorizo Burger.”

Adds co-founder, Bernat Añaños: “Our community asked – we listened, and we created. The Chorizo Burger is the brainchild of our Heura TechRebels and BOSH!. Designed to allow consumers to burst with creativity, this product goes beyond standard use. Having an animal meat successor as a versatile ‘ingredient’ is the next step in making it mainstream, and we can’t wait to see what our community and beyond create using this exclusive new product. BOSH! share our global mission of creating a movement which excites, inspires and enables consumers to make a choice which benefits the planet, animals and people every day.”

Theasby and First comment: “We’re stoked to be working with the Spanish plant-based powerhouse, Heura! Their plant-based meat alternatives are truly scrumptious and we’re really pleased with the Chorizo Burger we developed together. The textures and flavours are marvellous, we simply can’t wait to see how people use the burgers when they’re cooking for their families at home!”

The news comes after the brand announced it had more than doubled the number of households that consume Heura compared to last year, increasing its worldwide POS by 333%.

Pictured: L-R: Ian Theasby, Bernat Añaños and Henry Firth