Jonny Wilkinson’s gut health drink brand No.1 Living has expanded its offer to include a new line of adaptogen-enriched kombuchas to help support, stimulate and energize.

The No.1 Living Plus drinks each support a specific area of wellbeing – Focus, Calm or Immune – and combine natural botanicals and adaptogenic ingredients with kombucha brewed using a SCOBY and fermented for a minimum of seven days to support the role of gut-friendly live bacteria.

No.1 Living Plus: Calm is designed to reclaim emotional energy lost through stress or anxiety, with soothing ashwagandha, camomile, passionflower and vitamin E to protect against oxidative stress.

No.1 Living Plus: Immune has been formulated to free up physical energy for defence with a blend of yuzu, ginger, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory reishi mushroom to boost the immune system and vitamin D to help with immunity and support a healthy gut.

No.1 Living Plus: Focus is a refreshing combination of blackberry, elderberry, vitamin B12 to contributes to normal psychological function and help reduce tiredness and fatigue, and Panax ginseng to support mental function and improve concentration and memory.

“Adaptogens have been a huge player in my journey on and off the field,” says Wilkinson (pictured). “The capacity for the earth to bring healing and balance is incredible. I have turned to adaptogens at times when I have felt most stressed, under pressure, chaotic and challenged, even on the mornings of the biggest games.”

The drinks are made from 100% natural ingredients, low in sugar, vegan and gluten-free, and boast real fruit and plant extracts for natural sources of vitamins and minerals.