Respectful has introduced the first UK carbon neutral eggs, with an initial launch exclusively into Sainsbury’s stores, that ‘embrace the natural environment rather than placing a strain on it’.

The eggs are laid by white hens reared and raised on Respectful’s free-range farms where they graze on open pastures and feed on GM-free crops. The company chose a breed with an inherently low carbon footprint, as the hens are more productive, live 40% longer and consume less feed than standard brown hens.

Instead of soya – the single biggest contributor of carbon in the production of eggs – the feed is made from field beans grown on the Respectful farms and milled on-site, thus reducing the food miles. The crops are direct drilled, meaning soils are not ploughed, leading to fewer tractor movements, reducing fuel use and soil compaction and allowing for subterranean microbes to thrive, benefitting soil health.

The Respectful egg reflects our passion for sustainable farming and the environment

The farm and the packing centre use renewable energy from solar and wind energy, further contributing to the reduction of CO2e emissions, and Respectful also supports carbon off-set projects focused on forest protection in South America.

“The Respectful egg reflects our passion for sustainable farming and the environment, our love for our hens, and our commitment to decarbonization,” explains Lewis Mercieca, Respectful’s commercial manager. “We want customers to trust in our food, to trust in our eggs; and know that when they are purchasing a Respectful egg, that we have not only endeavoured to place the lightest footprint possible in delivering them a natural and delicious egg, but that every day we are trying to tread lighter still.”

The carbon footprint of the Respectful egg has been independently verified by Climate Partner.