Tisserand Aromatherapy’s new Nature’s Spa collection has launched with a Bath Soak, Body Wash, Hand Wash and Hand & Body Soap made using 100% natural pure essential oils and available in four fragrances.

Lavender & Neroli pairs lavender with velvety neroli and balancing geranium, to create a rich but fresh floral scent to nourish and restore skin and gently soothe your mood to leave you feeling calm and content. A hint of peppermint is included to deliver a boost of vitality.

Rose & Ylang Ylang is described as a sultry blend of rose and ylang ylang which captures the rich scent of a rose garden. With opulent base notes, a top note of Lemon delivers a hint of brightness to lift the mood, while palmarosa enhances the floral aroma. Rose essential oil offers an empowering scent to bring a sense of indulgence and a feeling of euphoria.

Bergamot & Sandalwood blends comforting sandalwood and bergamot with vetiver and orange. These essential oils from the wood and root families aim to ‘envelop you in a warm hug’ and allow a moment of reflection. Often used to reduce feelings of unease, bergamot, orange and neroli bring a sense of holistic wellbeing for mind and body.

Mandarin and May Chang provides an uplifting and reviving fragrance which is complemented by a delicate hint of lime and black pepper to add warmth and encourage vibrance and positivity.

A new Hand Cream will be added to the Nature’s Spa collection in November.