New to market, Harniman’s celebrated its launch at NOPEX in April, boosted by a successful pitch to Holland & Barrett (H&B) – whose buyers requested further conversations with the brand at its headquarters.

Offering a range of oral spray supplements, founder Sarah Harniman describes the products as a ‘fuss-free, effective and tasty way to take vitamins’ and says her concept brings a ‘no pills, all thrills’ approach to the supplements market. 

Two years in development, the range comprises six vegan SKUs: Immune, Calm, Sleep, Revive, Happy and Focus, each designed to address a different health and wellness concern.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming support we received during our launch weekend at NOPEX,” comments Harniman. “The positive feedback and opportunities that arose from the event have been truly inspiring. We are excited to continue spreading our mission of making vitamins a joyful part of everyone’s daily routine.”

During her live pitch to H&B, Harniman explained that one point of difference about the design is the fully recyclable spray pump which contains no metal spring, ‘meaning they can be easily processed by recycling centres’.