The Herbtender launches in Holland & Barrett stores with adaptogenic wellness supplements

Adaptogenic wellness brand, The Herbtender, launches across 600 Holland & Barrett UK stores this month, as one of the retail chain’s flagship functional mushroom brands. The Herbtender’s unique formulas draw upon ancient herbal wisdom to strengthen the mind and body’s natural resilience to stress, providing a zero faff, hugely effective solution to managing and supporting our mental health.

Founded by husband-and-wife team, Mark and Laura Neville, The Herbtender’s collection of plant-based, planet positive, gluten-free wellness supplements bring the power of adaptogens, stress-management plants, mushrooms and nootropics, to the UK retail market in an accessible and sustainable capsule format.

The botanical blends are made in the UK and expertly crafted by medical herbalist, Schia Mitchell Sinclair. Used across Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, adaptogens have a natural ability to normalise the body, finding equilibrium whatever the cause of imbalance. These special herbs and mushrooms have each developed adaptogenic qualities as the result of their evolution in harsh conditions – the ability to adapt being necessary to their survival. As a result, they possess numerous beneficial powers, from reducing stress and aiding sleep to enhancing focus, performance and immunity.

The four natural remedies landing on the Functional Mushroom shelves in Holland & Barrett nationwide from 17 April 2024 include:

  • Daily Defence to feed your natural resilience and tackle life’s up and downs.

All hail the tip top blend of functional mushrooms, herbs and Vitamin C to keep your immune system in optimal condition. The tonic adaptogens, Astragalus and Reishi – the ‘mushroom of immortality’ – Chaga and Cordyceps to build resilience and restore vigour. Echinacea contributes to the health of the immune system helping you tackle bugs and recover faster.

The busier we are, the harder it can be to find focus. This is your go-to, uplifting adaptogenic blend for mental stamina, memory and concentration – fuzzy thinking and distractions be gone! Find your equilibrium with Holy Basil. The #supershroom of mushrooms, Lion’s Mane, to support the nervous system function. Rhodiola, Lemon Balm and Rosemary, to find your calm. Channel your energy for streamlined focus and tackle head on those challenges life throws your way.

Your tranquil adaptogen blend for uninterrupted rest. Ashwagandha, one of the few non-stimulating adaptogens, joins forces with calming Reishi and Chamomile. Traditional medicine favourites, Nutmeg and Passionflower, help you sustain sleep and reduce waking in the night.



Suffer from an overactive mind? This soothing mix, for when you’re wired and anxious, will help you to switch off and find equilibrium. Three heroes of the adaptogen world come together in this effective formula. Ashwagandha, Holy Basil and Lion’s Mane, the grounding trio to help you unwind, whatever the time of day. Also used to fall into a heavenly zen for a great night’s sleep.

Mark Neville, Co-founder of The Herbtender, says: “We are incredibly excited to launch our adaptogenic wellness supplements across Holland & Barrett. Our purpose as a brand is to share the power of adaptogens, using ancient plant wisdom alongside modern science to create potent, synergistic formulas that work in tune with your body. It is a game changer for us to be able to take our expertise and knowledge out to the nation via Holland & Barrett’s health stores. We have witnessed first-hand as a family, the magic of these plants – they have not only been instrumental for my wife in finding equilibrium since her ADHD diagnosis but also solving her mystery insomnia battles too.

Niamh McCormack, Category Manager, Holland & Barrett confirms: “We’re thrilled to be welcoming The Herbtender into our Functional Mushrooms range at Holland & Barrett. As customers continue to look to adaptogens and nootropics for support in daily life, this exclusive major retailer partnership will ensure Holland & Barrett continues to provide the best possible selection of Functional Mushroom supplements nationwide.”

The Herbtender 60-capsule, reusable jars are priced at £27.50. Free from fillers, binders, preservatives and artificial additives, every ingredient has a purpose. With sustainability at the forefront of the business, The Herbtender sources the finest plants nature has to offer, proudly producing a vegan range presented in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. With every purchase of The Herbtender, monthly charitable donations are made to the Council of Contributors, supporting over 30 leading rhino conservation organisations.

To find out more visit and Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.