A Naturally Healthy News bulletin from Wholesale Health has announced, ‘with the deepest sadness’ the passing of Robert Redfern.

After a short illness, Redfern passed away ‘peacefully, at home with his family by his side’ on 17 June, the statement says.

“The Redfern family are deeply saddened by his unexpected passing and please ask that you respect their privacy during this time.”

Remembering Redfern with fondness, the publication writes: “Robert was greatly admired by everyone who met him, for his passion and dedication to natural health. His research and work has helped to save the lives of thousands of people across the world, through his educational online health websites, radio interviews and nutritional formulations.

“Following the death of his parents in their early sixties, Robert felt the drive to help others in their own recovery, to live longer lives and to enjoy good health through a holistic approach to life under the influence of his wife Anne (pictured left). His research and new path started in 1986. He then founded Dove Health with Anne in 1992 and launched the Healthpoint electro-acupressure machine still sold to this day. This grew into Good Health Naturally with the principle of improving the health and wellbeing of people’s lives through nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, along with the benefits of using natural solutions.

“His daughter, Lucy Redfern, followed in her parents’ footsteps and launched Wholesale Health in 2001, supplying Good Health Naturally products to practitioners and independent nutritional retail stores. His son, Nicholas, heads the Good Health Naturally IT team and his daughter, Olivia, played an active role in the business before moving to Australia to start a family.

Robert was greatly admired by everyone who met him, for his passion and dedication to natural health

“Robert introduced Serrapeptase to the world wide web in 2000, helping millions of people to discover for themselves the anti-inflammatory benefits of this naturally occurring enzyme.”

Redfern authored numerous books, including The ‘Miracle Enzyme’ is Serrapeptase, Turning a Blind Eye and Mastering Acupressure and penned weekly newsletters discussing the latest nutrition research, sharing his views and making recommendations for natural health solutions as part of a holistic lifestyle.

Naturally Healthy News is dedicated to continuing Robert’s legacy by carrying on with his weekly newsletters. Our commitment is to help you to live a healthy lifestyle, by finding the best natural solutions,” the publication told readers. The live Zoom webinars recently launched by Redfern will continue, led by health coach and long-time colleague Lindsay Powers.

As an advocate for the planting of trees, Redfern’s family respectfully asks that any donations made in his memory be directed to The Woodland Trust.

L-R: Lucy and Robert Redfern