50 years of ethical beauty and personal care: Faith In Nature hits milestone anniversary

Established as pioneers in ethical beauty and personal care for five decades now, Faith In Nature celebrates their 50th anniversary and marks 2024 as a ‘year of evolution’.

Starting from humble beginnings when female founder Rivka Rose first pawned her jewellery to start Faith In Nature from her kitchen sink, the brand has remained true to its core value of helping people to ‘make better choices for themselves and the planet everyday’. Now, Faith In Nature’s collection boasts an expansive offering from zero waste bars to refillable bulk buys and recyclable bottles galore in over 40 countries, truly making sustainable personal care accessible for all.

Pioneering a new age for natural beauty in the 1970s

Emerging from a growing environmental consciousness in the 1970s, Rivka’s pioneering spirit saw her create a first-of-its kind vegetarian soap that harnessed the benefits of natural essential orange oil. Antibacterial, aromatic, and soothing, Rivka had found a way to deliver on efficacy and experience using nature’s ingredients, marking a new age for natural beauty in the UK.

Reflecting on how this humble bar would change the skincare market forever, Faith In Nature founder Rivka Rose shares “In 1978, when the first samples were made and we were about to go into full production, I went down to the buyer at Holland & Barrett, showed him my new soap, told him I wanted it to sell for 50p (which was unheard of) and he loved it! So H&B was the first customer for Orange Soap and the rest of the health market clamoured for this new innovation on the scene, which was a first for the UK. We made a bold move by providing all natural, vegetable soap for the UK market, at an affordable price.”

Despite years of economic change, Faith In Nature has stayed committed to ensuring ethical beauty products remain accessible – selling that very same soap at an affordable £2.99 nearly 50 years later.

In the years to follow, Faith In Nature continued to lead the change in environmentally-conscious personal care and beauty, introducing plastic-saving refills and bulk buys in the 80s before leading the switch to 100% recycled bottles in the 90s. In 2022, they became the world’s first company to put nature on their board of directors – giving nature a legal say in all business decisions.

A year of evolution awaits

Vowing not to slow down, but to keep reimagining what’s possible within the sustainable beauty space, Rivka shares “Celebrating our 50th anniversary is a huge accomplishment, and in those years we’ve built up a passionate community of like-minded people that truly see the power of nature. We’ve achieved so much in the last five decades, but as the threat to nature increases, so must our creativity, resourcefulness and commitment to planting seeds of change that will benefit our planet today and beyond the next 50 years.”

Marking 2024 as a ‘year of evolution’, Faith In Nature has announced its plans to reduce its environmental impact, manufacturing with less water and less carbon, while also revealing plans to move into infinitely recyclable metal packaging, making it even easier for customers to recycle their products.

As committed to product efficacy as it is sustainability, the ethical brand has also been busy behind the scenes, sourcing a higher percentage of naturally derived ingredients, adding more active naturals to every product to harness nature’s hard-working benefits in a soon-to-be-launched range.