Bulldog Skincare has announced a new recycling scheme, launched in partnership with First Mile, to help consumers ‘navigate the complex recycling environment’.

The scheme enables Bulldog’s UK consumers to return their used white tubes and razor blades to be recycled into new tubes or energy, thus ensuring they won’t end up in landfill, the sea or be shipped abroad.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our consumers to recycle their Bulldog products in the most effective way,” says the brand’s general manager Caroline Mallet. “That’s why we have partnered with First Mile – the UK’s leading recycling and sustainability company. If consumers are ever confused or unsure of what to do with their Bulldog tubes or blades, they can simply send them back to us and we’ll do the rest.”

BulldogUnder the scheme, the returned tubes will undergo a carbon neutral process which turns them into an oil, which then is refined and used to make plastic pellets and finally new tubes. The blades are turned into renewable green energy that is used to power homes and businesses at certified energy from waste facilities.

To return their used products, consumers can post them to a dedicated freepost address (Freepost First Mile – Bulldog) and Bulldog and First Mile take care of the rest, with all costs covered by the brand.