Awake Organics targets skin and hair with new launches

Frankin-Sense Brightening Serum
Frankin-Sense Brightening Serum

The latest products in Awake Organics’ line of natural and eco-friendly skin and hair care are: Frankin-Sense Brightening Serum and Caffeine + Rosemary Vegan Shampoo.

Frankin-Sense Brightening Serum is a 100% natural concentrated plant-based serum designed for normal, dry, dehydrated and mature skin.

The water-free formulation targets discolouration and fine lines with vitamins A, C and E concentrated sea buckthorn, organic rosehip and pumpkin oil, along with UK-produced cannabis sativa oil. It aims to improve radiance and texture with the inclusion of organic frankincense resin, which has a natural tightening and plumping effect.

The serum comes in eco-friendly glass packaging and cartons made from recycled FSC materials and biodegradable veggie inks, and plastic-free refills are also available.

The brand has also launched Caffeine + Rosemary Vegan Shampoo, which it says is the UK’s tiniest plastic-free shampoo formulated for colour-treated, weak and thinning hair, at just over 4 inches tall.

The 100% plant-based powder shampoo contains high-caffeine guarana seed, lemongrass oil, stimulating rosemary oil and strengthening coconut milk.

The concentrated formula transforms from powder to a rich, sudsy lather when water is added, and provides up to 35 washes.