Probiotic skincare from Antipodes

Antipodes’ latest skincare products are based on the probiotic ingredient Kalibiome, clinically shown to help reduce the signs of photoageing, improve elasticity, and support production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Kalibiome – special strains of non-live probiotics (or postbiotics) made from cultured bacteria put through a double fermentation process – also has the ability to reduce redness and minimize the inflammation that can lead to acne and blemishes.

The two new Antipodes skincare solutions are:

Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum – this daily serum revitalizes dull complexions with high-tech ferments for healthy, clear skin. Kalibiome AGE joins kombucha, hyaluronic acid and bamboo ferment to cultivate the growth of good bacteria. The result, says the brand, is a balanced microbiome and stronger skin barrier, critical for healthy skin. Sustainably sourced, the ferments work to lock in hydration and diminish the appearance of blemishes, while vitamin A alternative bakuchiol helps smooth the appearance of fine lines. Enriched with avocado oil, Credo is suitable for most skin types, especially stressed skin with blemishes.

Flora Probiotic Skin-Rescue Hyaluronic Mask – this dermatologically tested vegan mask is formulated to de-stress and freshen sensitive skin. Along with Kalibiome Sensitive, a high-tech non-live probiotic (or postbiotic) that harmonizes with skin’s unique flora, the mask includes plant hyaluronic acid and gel from the native New Zealand harakeke flax. The cooling formulation helps to reduce redness, soothe itching, hydrate the skin, and minimize inflammation that leads to blemishes.