Natural beauty and personal care distributor Mahi Naturals is marking its 10th anniversary by pledging to donate a percentage of profits to charity from this year onwards, starting with Trees for Cities for 2021.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have reached this important milestone and grateful for steady growth over the past ten years,” comments company founder Meghna Patel. “To celebrate this, we will now be donating a percentage of profits annually to a chosen charity. For 2021 we are delighted to be supporting Trees for Cities as our beneficiary. Our company ethos is to choose natural products that are better for our health as well as kind to the environment. We love that Trees for Cities helps to educate the next generation on the benefits of nature and the environment and how to help care for it.”

UK charity Trees for Cities works at a national and international level to improve lives by planting trees in cities, involving local communities to cultivate lasting change in their neighbourhoods. The initiatives include revitalizing forgotten spaces, creating healthier environments and encouraging people to grow, forage and eat healthy food.

Congratulating Mahi Naturals for reaching its ten-year milestone, David Elliott, CEO at Trees for Cities, says: “The company has a fantastic ethos around the environment. Thank you so much for the very generous donation to Trees for Cites, which will help us to further green our towns and cities, bringing the advantages that come with quality green spaces to people where they live and work.”