Truthpaste gets fresh with new probiotic mouthwash line

Truthpaste‘s Probiotic Mouthwash launch was greeted with enthusiasm at NOPEX in April, where it picked up the Best New Personal Care Product Award.

Designed to support the oral microbiome, the zero waste, vegan line consists of Strong Mint Probiotic Mouthwash available in both Fluoride and Flouride Free.

The oral cavity has the second largest and most diverse microbiota, harbouring over 700 species of bacteria, and Truthpaste’s probiotic mouthwash has been formulated to work in balance with the healthy bacteria and oral microbiome, supporting natural defences to promote oral health. The natural formula contains no alcohol.

“I wanted to create a mouthwash that not only keeps your mouth fresh, but actively promotes oral health without synthetic, harsh or unsustainable ingredients,” explains brand founder Marisa Battrick. “I couldn’t find anything on the market which was in plastic-free packaging and that’s not an oil-pulling formula or a mouthwash tablet which is really just a breath freshener.

“We’ve been developing this formula for nearly two years. The challenge was to make something that tastes great, meets COSMOS Organic standards and is free from alcohol, PEGs, parabens, artificial sweeteners, palm oil and petrochemical-derived ingredients. I’m really pleased with the results!”