NATRUE unveils updated standards for 2021

NATRUE has announced that its Label Criteria has been updated, with changes to come into effect on 1 January 2021.

The latest update maintains its core principles while at the same time expanding producers’ capacity to innovate and develop natural and organic cosmetics aligned with the principles of green chemistry, says NATRUE. It adds that it has incorporated additional requirements to ensure that respect for people, the environment and biodiversity is addressed.

The changes include: the requirement that, wherever possible, natural or derived natural substances from palm oil and palm kernel oil must come from RSPO or other certified sustainable supply chains; the simplification of certification levels reducing these from three to two (natural or organic); and clearer claims for consumers with updated Label Usage Guidelines for certified products.

 the NATRUE Label actively helps combat greenwashing and misleading claims

In addition, under its Raw Materials Scheme, all raw materials presently used in certified products will have a transitional period of 24 months (until 31 January 2022) to be either certified or approved, and for finished products, producers have until 31 January 2024 to formulate their products using NATRUE-approved or NATRUE-certified raw materials.

“NATRUE sets a high benchmark to guarantee consumers maximum levels of natural and organic content in NATRUE certified cosmetics,” says the association’s director general Mark Smith. “Through the rigorous set of criteria, which includes requirements not only linked to the formulation of products but also to animal welfare, environmental protection, sustainability and packaging, the NATRUE Label actively helps combat greenwashing and misleading claims, and assists consumers in identifying natural and organic products that meet their expectations.”

The updated Label Criteria is available for download here.