Bulldog gets oil and beards under control


Bulldog Skincare for Men has developed five Oil Control products along with three new beard care products.

The Oil Control range is formulated with witch hazel, juniper and willow bark to de-slick the skin without leaving it dry.

  • Oil Control Moisturiser is designed to balance and regulate the skin’s natural moisture to give a matte complexion for up to six hours
  • Oil Control Face Wash provides deep cleaning without stripping the skin of its own natural oils
  • Oil Control Face Scrub is formulated to draw out embedded impurities and excess oil while exfoliating and balancing the skin
  • Oil Control Face Mask deeply cleanses and minimizes excess oil to leave skin soft and smooth
  • Oil Control Blemish Targeter aims to calm skin and minimize the appearance of blemishes, incorporating a blend of alpha hydroxy acids.

bulldogThe beard care range utilises aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea, and comprises: Original Bear Oil to soften and condition; Original Beard Balm to moisturize, condition and style; and Original Bear Shampoo and Conditioner.