Totally Solid shower gels

Shower Blocks
Shower Blocks

This month sees Eat Grub co-founder Neil Whippey launch Shower Blocks – bubbly, hydrating and plastic-free alternatives to shower gel – through his new company Totally Solid.

“I devised the idea of Shower Blocks in 2019 when I started to become frustrated at how many plastic bottles I was throwing away from shower use,” Whippey explains. “When I tried to find suitable products in the form of soap bars, or other plastic-free options, I found them drying, sticky on the skin and not really marketed towards me as a consumer, as well as being too expensive. I set out to create a product that maintains that great moisturizing shower gel feel that people love, whilst taking plastics out of the equation.” 

The UK-made block is equivalent to 1.5 bottles of gel and are available in six variations: Pepper Mint, Mango & Passionfruit, Mint & Grapefruit, Coffee & Vanilla, Lime & Sandalwood and Naked Unscented.

Shower Blocks is partnering with Toiletries Amnesty which works to alleviate hygiene poverty.

“This year, whilst it has been a time of crisis, it has also shown just how well we can all pull together collectively and help others who are more in need,” explains Whippey. “The timing in launching a new business allowed me to think more about how it can help others in the long run. Building in the idea of giving back from the start will mean that donating back with every sale can be a permanent policy and the company grown with that in mind. I’m really excited about being able to make our first donation and in Toiletries Amnesty we couldn’t have had a more perfect partner.”

Karen Harvey, founder of Toiletries Amnesty adds: “Toiletries Amnesty works to make an impact both socially and environmentally. Just last year we helped get toiletries to over 250,000 people, and the demand on our services has grown drastically in 2020. We’re delighted to team up with Shower Blocks, and get more vital toiletries to those in our communities who are most in need.”