Pioneering skincare brand UpCircle has extended its beauty line with three products which introduce four new rescued ingredients to the brand’s portfolio.

The new Face Toner with the Residual Water of Mandarin Juice and Repurposed Chamomile Extract is a hydrating and balancing toner which helps to revitalize and refresh the skin.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and glycerin to moisturize and brighten, the toner uses the anti-inflammatory residual water of green mandarin fruit, a by-product of the juicing industry, and skin-soothing chamomile stem extract, a by-product of the tea industry.

UpCircle’s new Eye Cream with Repurposed Maple and Coffee Extract is a gentle solution designed to brighten, refresh and renew, reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Suitable for all skin types, it can be worn under make-up.

The eye cream is made with coffee oil extracted from repurposed grounds and anti-inflammatory maple bark extract, a by-product of the wood industry.

Both products are housed in a glass bottle with a plastic spray nozzle and a cardboard outer box, and a plastic-free aluminium cap option is available for repeat orders.

A hydrating body cream for all skin types, UpCircle Body Cream with the Extract of Leftover Date Seeds incorporates nourishing shea butter, linseed and olive oil, in addition to the anti-inflammatory extract of leftover date seeds, a by-product of date farming.

The calming cream is formulated to help reduce inflammation, soothe dry or irritated skin and leave it feeling smooth and supple. It is packaged in a glass jar with an aluminium lid and a cardboard outer box.

Commenting on the launch, brand co-founder Anna Brightman says: “The team and I are extremely excited to have finally released these three new products. Each has been made with a repurposed ingredient that we have not yet used before, so they reflect our ambitious plans for expanding both our product range, and our upcycled ingredient portfolio.

“With everything that’s happened this year it’s not been our easiest product launch … particularly given that UpCircle is based on circular economy principles, but this only makes me even more proud of what we have created. Nothing good in life comes easy right!? The feedback so far has been phenomenal, so Team UpCircle are very very happy!”