Organyc has introduced a line of super-absorbent, cotton bladder leakage pads and protective underwear, with pH-activated odour control.

Designed to meet the needs of an ageing population and people who are incontinent due to being menopausal, postpartum or post-surgery, the new Organyc range includes discreet liners, pads and protective underwear to offer women confidence.

The collection comprises:

  • Ultra Thin Liners which are suitable for stress incontinence (caused by coughing, sneezing, or doing exercise) and light urge incontinence (having to urinate immediately, which is caused by an overactive bladder)
  • Moderate Pads which are suitable for stress incontinence, light to moderate urge incontinence as well as mixed incontinence (a combination of the two).
  • Protective Underwear in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large which is suitable for moderate to heavy urge and mixed incontinence.

OrganycWith a 100% organic cotton top sheet that provides soft, gentle protection, Organyc pads are clinically proven to protect against and resolve the irritation women experience from traditional bladder leakage brands made from plastics, polypropylene and other man-made materials.

Due to a cotton-balanced absorbent core combining pure cotton with super absorbents, fluid is channelled so wetness never builds up in one spot and can’t leak out. In addition, complete breathability helps maintain a cool feeling.

The products include a unique organically certified ingredient that is pH-activated and seeks out and neutralizes odour-causing molecules.