Tisserand Aromatherapy’s Restore Balance collection is a naturally mood-balancing and empowering line of bodycare products to help support and ease changes in emotions during the perimenopause and menopause.

The settling blend of 100% natural pure essential oils helps to enhance wellbeing and steady emotions, reinstate a sense of calm, and generally help deal with everyday stressors. The oils used include:” comforting geranium, known to soothe emotional turmoil and help find balance; nurturing rose to gently assist in the release of tension and promote self-esteem’ and uplifting clary sage to revive yet relax the mind to when experiencing the symptoms associated with monthly cycles.

BalanceThe collection has been designed to effortlessly fit into everyday routines with the following easy to use pre-blended Restore Balance products formats:

  • Bath & Shower Wash
  • Bath Oil
  • Pulse Point Roller Ball
  • Body Oil
  • Body & Room Mist
  • Diffuser Oil
  • Discovery Kit

“The new Restore Balance range of products are a great support tool to be used whenever you need them most – in the bath, shower, on the move, or during a much-needed moment of rest,” says Tisserand’s in-house expert, aromatherapist Jo Kellett. “Simply breathe in the aromatic blend and enjoy its restorative effect.”