Brighton welcomes The Source Bulk Foods

The Source Bulk Foods
The Source Bulk Foods

Packaging-free franchise The Source Bulk Foods has opened its first UK branch outside of London in a bid to bring quality, nutritious and healthy food to eco-conscious consumers in Brighton.

While living in London, owner Makayla Drummond-Murray was trying to follow a zero waste lifestyle but became increasingly frustrated by the lack of bulk foods stores in the capital.

Then, when on holiday in Australia in 2017, she came across The Source Bulk Foods — a concept created in Australia in 2012 — ‘and instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of the brand, and bring it over to the UK’. Six months later she and husband Patrick Cermak opened their first store in Chiswick followed by another in Battersea.

Explaining to NPN why the couple chose Brighton in which to open their third packaging-free store, Drummond-Murray says: “After spending time in Brighton, I think the values of The Source Bulk Foods really align with the values of the community here. Brighton locals are very passionate about sustainable living and the environment and understand the urgent need to change our habits as consumers when it comes to the environment and plastic pollution,” explains.

The store offers a range of dried goods such as rice, pastas, grains, nuts, cereals, granolas, dried fruits, an extensive snack and chocolate range, cooking oils, as well as honey and maple syrup. There is also a line of personal care items like shampoos and conditioners, and household cleaning products.

The look of the store has been created to have a minimalist feel, says Drummond-Murray. “We have designed our stores to create a pleasant customer experience where customers are given the time and space to learn and connect with the products and ingredients in our range.”

Describing the reception the store has received, she says: “The Brighton locals have been absolutely phenomenal in their support. We have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and can’t wait to get involved in local initiatives.”

So, what does the future hold and where can we expect to see the next store open? “We operate a franchise model,” says Drummond-Murray, “so we are looking for enthusiastic locals who would like to see The Source Bulk Foods open in their community. So, the next store location will be determined by our next franchise partner.”

Images: Scott Mains/Ingrained