Brindisa revamps store cupboard range

Brindisa is revamping its extensive range of store cupboard essentials in a bid to put the emphasis firmly on provenance and origin.

The company has introduced new beans and pulses produced by Legumbres Luengo Origen – a leading supplier of dried and cooked beans in Spain – and is the first to source beans with a Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) from this producer.

The offer comprises: small, brown Pardina Lentils; nutty Chickpeas; mild and sweet White Kidney Beans; and creamy and mild Ganxet Beans. Ganxet beans, or Mongetes del Ganxet in Catalan, are a variety of white bean grown in the coastal areas of La Selva, El Vallès and El Maresme near Barcelona.

All the products are high sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals, and have great texture and bite.

“Across the board we are committed to working with exciting producers, and this remains fundamental when it comes to keeping our range of store cupboard essentials relevant to today’s trends,” says Monika Linton, chairman and product director at Brindisa. “Brindisa offers an array of appealing Spanish vegetarian and vegan delights – with the four new beans ticking all of these boxes. They are a staple for classic low and slow casseroles. Importantly, these healthy pulses are rich in protein, meaning they can either accompany, or even replace, red meat in many wonderful recipes.”

The new beans and pulses are available in 1kg packs.