Bioglan expands superfoods offer


Bioglan Superfoods has introduced a new organic range of 100% natural superfood powders as well as adding two further variants to its ultimate greens powders line.

The new superfoods are: Tropical Spirulina Powder; Kale Powder – a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamins B, C and K, calcium and iron; Cacao Nibs; and Maca Powder, a blend of red, white, black and purple maca, this is a good source of vitamin B, calcium and iron and has a malty flavour.

To its best-selling Supergreens range, the brand has introduced: Supergreens Protein – a unique blend of 81 superfoods with plant proteins for a healthy, sustainable alternative to animal protein; and Supergreens Plus, packed with 101 healthy fruits, vegetables and live cultures with a tropical taste.

The new additions are available in 100g and 280g pouches (Supergreens).