Conscious raws about white lions

Conscious Chocolate and the Global White Lions Protection Trust (WLT) have joined forces to produce Lions Raw – a raw chocolate bar which aims to spread the word about the plight of Africa’s endangered white lions.

The hand-made raw organic chocolate bar is made with 60% cacao solids and essential oils of lemon, grapefruit and lime for a flavour which is said to be representative of South Africa.

Inside the packaging there will be a card with a beautiful picture of the white lions explaining how WLT is trying to preserve these rare creatures. For every bar sold 10% of the sale price will go to WLT.

With only about 500 white lions left globally in captivity, they are technically extinct in their natural habitat. Hunting white lions is still legal in South Africa.

Linda Tucker, founder of the WLT, commented on the partnership: “Linking up with Conscious Chocolate, whose customers are as environmentally aware, responsible and principled as the brand, is perfect for us. We hope that by putting the light of the white lions directly into people’s hands we’ll be able to recruit even more support.

“As a company our values are integrity, health, beauty and trust, so we are

aligned to and excited about working with the white lions. We want to give something as a contribution to these beautiful creatures and to help raise people’s consciousness of their shamanic value,” explained the raw chocolate company’s founder and MD Emma Jackman.

Actor Jerome Flynn (Ripper Street, Game of Thrones), who is patron of the charity, commented: “To save the white lions, we need to raise global awareness of their sacred power and beauty – and how close we are to losing them in the world. Lions Raw will help us grow support and motivate more people to prevent this disaster before it’s too late.”