Gathr around for new Crobar flavours


UK entomophagy pioneer Gathr has introduced two new flavours to its Crobar range of cricket flour bars.

Coffee & Vanilla and Raspberry & Cacao have joined the original Peanut and Cacao Crobar varieties, the first insect-based food products, says the company, to be launched in the UK.

The handy 30g bars combine real fruit and nuts, protein-rich cricket flour and are gluten-, dairy- and soya-free, with no sugars or sweeteners.

“We’re extremely excited to be growing our range of products and we’re really pleased with the new Coffee & Vanilla and Raspberry & Cacao flavours,” comments Gathr founder Christine Spliid. “After the success of our launch last year we’ve seen a growing demand for smaller bars and more adult flavours, so that’s exactly what we have done with these new additions, which are an even more convenient snack. We can’t wait to share them with everyone, we love them.”

The organic cricket flour sourced for Crobar comes from crickets that have been fed a diet of organic nuts, seeds and fruits to give them a nutty flavour.