Good Bubble floats high with Dragon investment

Earlier this month, Amy Wordsworth, founder of kids’ toiletries brand Good Bubble, secured an investment from Dragon’s Den investor and entrepreneur Deborah Meaden.

After overcoming a dizzy spell during the Dragons’ grilling, Amy went on to secure a £60,000 investment from Deborah for a 40% stake in the business.

“I am thrilled to have Deborah’s support,” says Wordsworth. “With her level of knowledge, experience in building retail brands and driving routes to market, my dream of seeing Good Bubble become a part of families’ lives the world over is within reach.”

The investment boost will support a programme of international expansion for Good Bubble – the UK’s first children’s range to use superfruits – as well as new product development, branding, PR and marketing campaigns.

Deborah comments: “It is becoming more evident that what we put on our skin, is as important as what we put in our mouths. As a result consumers have never been more savvy about what goes in to the products they use on their family. In particular, parents want to be assured that bath time products are gentle enough for young skin.

“The natural formulations and the fun element were a big part of Good Bubble’s appeal. For me, it’s also as much about the people as it is the products. I was quickly impressed by Amy’s level of research and knowledge of her market. The energetic passion with which she has built the brand coupled with how she carried herself in the Den, and came back fighting from a tricky moment cinched it for me.”

This is the second successful pitch from a natural products manufacturer in the Dragons’ Den in as many months; July saw The Raw Chocolate Company’s founder Linus Gorpe clinch £72,000 for a 10% stake in his company, also from Deborah Meaden.