Gustare Honey introduces Australian Manuka

gustare Jelly Bush Manuka

Ethical honey brand Gustare Honey is launching its Australian Pure Manuka Raw Honey in April.

Produced by artisan beekeepers, the company says that the jellybush variety of manuka is sweet and fragrant, without the medicinal taste of New Zealand manuka. However, it still possesses the active antibacterial health benefits, with up to 175mg/kg of methylglyoxal.

“Gustare is delighted to present pure delicious manuka honey from bees that collect nectar from the flora of Leptospermum or manuka plants,” commented Jason Hayward-Jones, co-founder of Gustare Honey. “Our healthy and happy bees are kept in the very best environment to ensure the best and highest quality honey.”

The company highlights recent scientific research from the Oz Honey Project which found Australian Manuka to be just as medicinally potent as New Zealand Manuka. Australia is home to the widest diversity of Leptospermum plants in the world, with 83 species compared to only one – Leptospermum scoparium – in New Zealand.

Gustare’s bees aren’t exposed to chemicals or antibiotics and each honey variety is produced seasonally in its own provenance and distinctive terroir.

The honey is produced in 75g, 250g and 400g jars.