Hunter & Gather has entered the ketchup sector with three unsweetened tomato sauces: Unsweetened Classic Tomato, Unsweetened Barbecue and Unsweetened Spicy Chipotle.

Using organic tomatoes and no added sugars, dates, fruits or sweeteners, the Hunter & Gather trio are made with a carefully crafted blend of spices and vinegars to create tangy and thick sauces claiming to have 79% less sugars than ‘the leading player’.

The brand says that this launch introduces Europe’s ‘first truly ketogenic ketchup’ with less than 1g of carbs per serve and also reflects the needs of diabetics and those seeking paleo and gluten-free options.

“As the leading provider of best-in-class condiments (sugar-, grain- and seed oil-free), we felt we had a bigger role to play, so responded to our growing tribe and retailer requests for a genuine, ‘low total sugar’ tomato sauce without sweeteners,” says Hunter & Gather co-founder, Amy Moring. “Whilst others might claim that ‘no added sugar’ tomato sauces already exist; a closer inspection of their back-of-pack ingredient decks show an alarming natural sugar presence (around 16.5g of sugar per 100g vs our 6.6g) from added syrups, sugary fruits or a host of sweeteners that coat the palate. We wanted to provide true innovation whilst also tasting delicious.”