Lepicol makes a splash

Healthy bowels company Lepicol has raised £1,200 for charity by, fittingly, selling decorated toilet seats. The 22 examples of unique toilet seat art were recently displayed for sale on Lepicol’s stand at camexpo 2013, organised by Diversified Communications UK.

Following sales which amounted to an impressive £600, Probiotics International Ltd, which manufactures Lepicol, matched the donation, resulting in a total of £1,200 being split between two charities: Toilet Twinning and Events for Namuwongo.

Toilet Twinning is run by Cord and Tearfund and raises funds to provide people in Third World countries with safe sanitation, clean water and education on hygiene. Events for Namuwongo, Diversified Communications UK’s chosen charity, aims to transform the lives of the Namuwongo community – a slum of around 30,000 people in Uganda – tackling issues such as poverty, polluted water and a derelict sanitation system.

Carsten Holm, managing director of Diversified Communications UK, said: “We are thrilled that Lepicol chose to support Events for Namuwongo during its recent fundraising. We bought a toilet seat and can’t wait to display it in the office.”

Lepicol will be following up on those people who purchased one of the unique toilet seats and will provide updates via its Facebook page (LepicolUK).