Living Nature mascara now fragrance-free

Living Nature has introduced its new and improved Thickening Mascara which is now completely free from natural fragrance, making it suitable for anyone with sensitivities.

Available in Jet Black or Blackened Brown, the mascara uses halloysite clay to thicken lashes and candelilla, carnauba waxes, jojoba esters, manuka honey and tocopherol to provide smooth coverage to nourish and protect. However, the formulation no longer includes lavender oil.

“The cause of allergic or sensitive responses from make-up products can sometimes be fragrance, particularly in products with synthetic ingredients,” explains Kim Allan of Botanical Brands, which distributes the brand in the UK. “Mascaras, even though they’re worn on the lashes rather than directly on the skin, are sometimes the offenders … Even ingredients from some natural sources can be cause for concern, as the potency of essential oils (often used to provide natural fragrance) also means they can contain potential allergens.”