Puressentiel aromatherapy range lands in the UK

French aromatherapy brand Laboratoire Puressentiel has launched its 100% natural health and wellbeing range in the UK.

It is launching eight products across four different ranges: Purifying; Muscles & Joints; Rest & Relax; and Respiratory. The products include Muscles & Joints Roller to relax tense muscles and soothe joint pain; Rest & Relax Spray to relieve stress and promote a sound night’s sleep; and a Nasal Spray which is a natural alternative to chemical decongestants.

All products in the Puressentiel range use organic essential oils and other plant-derived ingredients. The company is committed to sourcing ingredients and packaging products in a way that is environmentally sustainable and fair for suppliers.

Commenting on the brand’s UK launch, Isabelle Pacchioni, who co-founded Laboratoire Puressentiel, with her husband Marco Pacchioni in 2005, said: “There is a common misperception that plant-based medicines are ineffective, yet people have been using naturally-derived ingredients for thousands of years to address everyday health concerns. The Puressentiel range has been developed in collaboration with doctors and pharmacists, with a focus on blending highly effective, naturally active ingredients to create safe, clinically proven products that are suitable for the whole family. Puressentiel has a vision for more natural, effective everyday healthcare and we are delighted to be bringing our product range to the UK.”