Rude Health sprouts new product range

In November, Rude Health will launch the UK’s first range of sprouted flours and porridge oats which aims to offer a more easily digestible and nutritious alternative to regular flours and oats.

The four new products are: Organic Whole Spelt Flour, made from ‘the anarchist of grains’ to give a high protein flour which is light to bake with; Organic Whole Wheat Flour, made from rough and rustic red wheat; Organic Whole Buckwheat Flour, perfect for pancakes, blinis and breads; and Organic Gluten-Free Porridge Oats – sprouted oats rolled at a low temperature for a more earthy flavour.

“Sprouting a grain makes it come alive and releases nutrients that are more readily absorbed by the body,” explains Nick Barnard, co-founder of Rude Health. “Quite rightly, sprouting has been getting some serious attention in the USA for years so it’s about time that people who care about what they eat here in the UK get a piece of the action.”

Nutritionist Vicki Edgson, believes sprouted grains will be the next big trend for 2015: “The abundance of nutrients found in sprouted grains is superb, rendering a grain into a higher-protein compound. Sprouting is set to be one of the biggest new trends in foods, as we recognise the importance of ‘living foods’ within our eating regimes.”